Blog 391: Date nights


We all have that point in our lives when we find it hard to go on special date nights, we just don’t have enough money. We want more money but we have to deal with the fact that we need to have date nights on a limited budget. It can be hard to think outside the box and to think about all the things we can do to make an evening special. With so many things pulling you in different directions it can be hard to go out and have a date and so sometimes it is just good to have that time at home with that someone special. I have been thinking about this for a while and here are some ideas that I came up with to help both you and me when times get tough!

Go into the Garden: Sometimes it is just nice to put the children to bed and go and sit in the garden. I remember my parents doing this when I was younger, I know they did it because I would try and hear what they were talking about! My bedroom looked out onto the garden so if I strained hard enough I could hear! Whether or not you have children it is a different environment and it can get romantic. Maybe it is time for a bonfire, take some marshmallows out with you and a flask of hot drink. Take time to talk and to be silent, to listen to both your partner and the dusk chorus. It is little things like this that can keep the spark alive, it can help you re-connect and it will help you to feel special about one another. It doesn’t have to be for long, it could even just be for an after dinner drink but it is the time spent together that is the most important.

Go on a bike ride: When my husband and I were still dating and waiting to get married during the corona-virus pandemic we would often go for a cycle ride. We would try to go every evening but with different things coming up it wasn’t always possible. I don’t know why but I have always enjoyed cycling, I have enjoyed the slow pace of it, I have enjoyed having the wind in my hair and going further than I could if I was walking. It was nice to be able to put the day behind us and take the evening slowly while getting some exercise in and spending time together. The only downside of this is that you can’t have a huge conversation but you can always cycle somewhere and have a picnic. It doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be all day but just something small to spend time together.

Play a game: I don’t know why but once I start to play a game I have enjoyed it but it is the prospect of setting up a game that I don’t like. With this in mind my husband and I have many games that we enjoy playing together and it brings out the competitive side in us that we both enjoy. Over the years we have played so many games that is is fun to find those games you played with your family and to introduce your partner to them. You may not have time every night to play a full game but how about doing a running total and have that go for a long time and maybe over the years. I remember when I was a child my parents would have a game that they would do through the holiday when we were away and whoever won had the bragging rights for the next year. It is just something fun to do that doesn’t cost anything really.

Whatever you do for a date night the most important thing is having time with the person you love and to keep that spark alive. There are so many things in life that want and need your attention that it is hard to think about your partner. They need date nights as much as you do and it is good to put a date in the diary every month to have a date night. They don’t have to cost the earth and some of them you don’t even need to get a sitter for but instead enjoy that time apart with the person you love. We were meant to get married on the 4th of a month and so now we put that as date evening, it is an easy date to remember and something that we can do every month.


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