Blog 390: Who is your saviour?

who is your savior

There are so many things in life that we look to for satisfaction, we want to look our best so we get appreciated by our friends, we want to have the up to date car so people stare at us down the street, we want to have the best job so people look up to us, we want to go on the best holidays so people think we have it all. There are so many things in life that can take us away from the things that are important, what are the things that you put above other important things in your life? Everyday we have a choice as to whether we want to trust in the One or trust in many different things that will not giving us lasting hope and joy. Many things in this life will come and go but there is One who will stay the same today as He did yesterday and tomorrow as He did today.

There are so many people around us that stand up for different things in life, abortion, Brexit, climate change, schools, education, abuse and so much more and there voices are heard but over all this noise is our voice heard? What important things have you stood up to lately and who or what do you stand up for? There are so many things that this world throws at us that is wrong or right, things we should protect and things that we should not that sometimes the lines get blurred and we find it hard to really believe what is true and good for our sake. It can be hard to see what is right and wrong, to see what we should be saying and when. A lot can be said for the things that we support and don’t support, a lot can be said for the people we look up to and the actions that we take.

In this society that we live there are so many people that we can look up with pride or disgust, Donald Trump, The Queen, Florence Nightingale, The NHS, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Michelle Obama and so many more. Don’t get me wrong all of these people have been amazing in their own way but do you look up to them as saviours? Do you look up to them more than you should? Do you look to them for satisfaction? Do you look up to them with pride? We have to remember that whatever these people have done in the world they are only human and they have made mistakes, some larger than others. We have to realise that they have let us down, they have done wrong but most of all that they are not our saviour. As much as these people may be amazing they are not the One who can really save us, they are not the ones who can give us eternal life, they may give us joy for a short while but in years to come people may not know who they are.

However, with this being said they have been people that have changed history and people that have changed the world in one way or another. There is One though that I have left of this list, there is One that has lived a more significant life than all those people put together, One who can be our saviour. This is the One that we can turn to and He will respond, One who is not too busy for us, One who cares for us, One who wants the best for us and One who we can call our saviour. Jesus Christ may not be living in person today but He can live inside of you and me. He can be the One who can be our saviour and who can really help us through the life that we live.

There are so many things in society that is pulling us in different directions and wanting our attention that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. We can come to Jesus and know that He is the One who can really save us, He can look beyond our sin and we can be part of His family, He can look at how perfect we are because we have the Spirit in our hearts. Today with all the people and things that can take our attention and want to be our saviour we need to concentrate on the One who is the real saviour of the world and not all the fake things that want to be a saviour of our lives- Only Jesus should take that spot.

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