Blog 389: Have self-love

have self love‘You have to love yourself.’ How many times do we hear that in a day? We seem to want to tell others to love themselves but do you love yourself, not in a weird way but in a self loving way. We need to love ourselves through everything, through the hard times, through the easy times and through growing up. Self-love shows the way that we live in life, it is how we pick a mate, how we do at work and how well we live at life. The more we love ourselves the more we will have confidence and the more we will be happy with the choices that we are going to make. We need to love ourselves, we need to love the way that we look, we need to love the things that we do and we need to love who we are not what other people want us to be.

In order to love ourselves we need to choice the situations that we want to go into rather than going into something that will not make us stronger and that will not help us to grow. You need to protect yourself from those people that do not want the best for you, those who always want to put you down and those who cause you pain. If you are unable to smile with certain people around you get rid of them in your life. It is easier to say that than to do it but this is the truth. How many times have you been beaten down by people who don’t want the best for you, who talk to you rudely and who use you like a ‘doormat?’ Get rid of those people in your life and surround yourself with people who love you for being you and who will help you to grow and develop into a better and stronger person.

When you love yourself you will have a better mental health, you will be better physically and you will love those people around you more. We all have times when we are just on auto pilot and we work long hours, we work at the weekends and we don’t actually have a day of but we need to love ourselves and we need to have time away from the things that stress us in order to love ourselves more. Run that bath that you have wanted, take your partner out for a romantic meal and go for a walk in the countryside. They are not hard things to do but they will help you to love yourself more because you are giving your head time out and your body time to heal from all the stress that it goes through in one day. If you think about it the more you put your body through stress each day the more you won’t love yourself, your body will get tired but you keep pushing through, your brain will become exhausted but you keep pushing through. This is good for a certain amount of time but you have to have a break at some point and know when to stop and give yourself some love.

When you look in the mirror in the morning most of us don’t like what we see, we have messy if not greasy hair, we have bags under our eyes, we have bed marks, we are too fat, we are too ugly and we are tired. How many times a week do you put those thoughts through your head? My guess is more than you know. We never look at the good things that you, you never see the beauty that you radiate, you never see the intelligence, you never see how long and beautiful your hair is, you never see that you have lost weight, you never see that those bags under your eyes are because you have been up with a baby all night. We are all human and we will have flaws but it is very important that we do not let those control our lives. The more we let those thoughts get into our head the more we won’t love ourselves.

We will have days when we love ourselves more than other but throughout our life we need to know whatever we go through and whatever friends we have God will love us for who we are, He will love our flaws, He will love the bags under our eyes, He will love us because He made us. He will also help us to love ourselves too.

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