Blog 387: Marriage Basics

marraige basics

When we get married we always think we are in a fairy tale and we know it, is going to be amazing. However, there are things that will work against us, there will be money problems, there will be family issues, there will be illness, there will be differences, there will be expectations that will not be met and marriage will be hard work. No matter what you think about marriage it will be hard work, it will be hard to keep on going, it will be hard to stick to the marriage basics when there are so many things in life that are pulling us away from our marriage and the person that we love. There are a few things that are basic in a marriage, that we should all do, that are important to each of you and you need to think about:

God: In the middle of every marriage there should be God, He was the one who bought you two together, He was the One who created us, He is the One who will protect us, He is the One who created marriage at the beginning of time. Not only should you have God at the centre of your marriage but also the middle of your household and the middle of your family. Our marriage should be like a triangle, we should be at the bottom two corners with God at the very top. God should be at the centre of our lives and He should be the One that we turn to when everything goes bad and goes well. As you move closer together, as you get more intimate, as you get more entwined with each other you will get closer together.

Love: Between two people there needs to be love, love is one of the most important things in life, in order to have a successful marriage you need to love the other person, you need to know that the other person loves you too. In all things that happen in life we have feelings that come and go but love is a choice. Love is something that we wake up everyday and we have too choice to love someone else. We have to choose everyday to love the person that we are married too no matter what we feel, no matter what is going on in life, no matter what happens we need to choose to love. Do something today to show the other person that you love them, it could be as simple as making the other person a cup of tea!

Blessing: No matter how you feel about the other person, no matter how much they annoy you, no matter how much they smother you, no matter how much goes on in your relationship you should know that the other person is a blessing. No matter what goes on in your life your words can be a blessing to the other person or they can cause harm and that is something that you need to be careful about. With everything else that is going on in life it can be easy to talk rubbish and harsh words to your other half but instead think about the things that come out of your mouth. It is important that you speak blessings and encouragements to the other person no matter what is going on.

There will be things that happen in life that will be hard, things in life that you want to change, things in life that you don’t want to happen but you have to be strong and you have to focus on your marriage. You have to focus on the people around you, you have love your spouse, you have to put God at the centre of your life, you have to bless the other person you are with. There will be times in life that are hard, times when your spouse frustrates you, times when you don’t show love to the other person and you have to know that through everything God will be there, He will help you to be better with the other person, He will put people in your life who you can love and who can be a blessing to you. There will be people in your life who will bless you and who will pour love on you. No matter what happens God will be there, God will be the one you can turn to, God will love you no matter what you are going through.

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