Blog 385: Walking through the storm


How often do we want to give up in life? How often do bad things happen and you just want to give up and leave the storm? We all have times when life is hard and we don’t want to go through the storm. We all have times when we cannot do anything else but weather the storm and work through it. How do you weather the storm though and how do you carry on when the storm seems to keep on going and you can’t see the end? We all have times in our life when the storms are one after the other and we get tired but we need to know when we need a break, when we need a holiday, when we need to have some time off. We need to know the difference between weathering the storm and going away and having a break. There will be storms in life that we need to ride through and every time something bad happens we should not give up but instead work through it.

There will be times when we want to give up but through every storm we change, we develop and we learn more about ourselves. It is important in life to have these storms so we can learn more about ourselves and how we work in different situations. When storms come our body normally tells us when we need to have a break, more often than not we don’t listen but we need to start to listen and we need to start knowing what our body needs. As much as we want to not one of us are immune to the storms in our life and no matter how old we get we will always have them. There will be loss, there will be heartache, there will be tragedy, there will be hard times and so much more but how you deal with each storm is important. When the storms come it is easy to feel like the whole world is against you but that is not the case, there are people out there who love you and want the best for you.

In order for you to believe in this you need to believe in yourself. When storms come it is easy to see how hard it is, to worry our way through it, to get upset, to think that you are not loved and to get angry about the situation. The storms will be hard, the storms will be difficult, the storms will be a challenge but believe that you are able to get through it and believe that you are worth everything. You have to believe that you are worth more than you think, no matter what other people think. Whatever storms you have gone through, whatever storms you are going through and whatever storms you will go through you need to face them head on and know that through everyday and through every part of life God will be there. Other people may not believe in you, other people may not trust you, other people may not show their love to you but God does and you have to remember that.

When we have storms that come our way we need to weather through it and we need to trust in God through everything that happens, there will be times when we have had enough of the things that we have gone through, the people that we have been with. We need to remember that God has not had enough of us and He will continue to help us through everything we do. You may not understand why you are going through certain things and why things happen but you will grow through all that life throws at you and God will help you throughout. God will be there when no one else, God will be there when you want to give up, He will be there through everything. Weathering a storm is all about trusting in God and the plans that He has for you.

No matter what you have been through, what you are going through today and what you go through tomorrow if you draw near to God and His love then He will draw near to you. When we are weak God is strong, when we are tired God will give us strength, when we are alone He will be with us and when we feel like we cannot carry on God will help us to keep on going. God will continue to help us through everything that life throws at us no matter who we have around.

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