Blog 384: Pre-marriage tips

pre marriage tips

When we first started dating there was a lot of people who said that we would not last, I tried and succeeded at proving them wrong. It has been known that throughout dating so many people go their own ways because there relationship is unable to work and they just are not compatible. It is at this point that it is important to work out whether you are going to work or not because then you can go your own way. However, if you wait until you have set a wedding date or even worse got married then it can be hard to turn back and it can be harder on everyone else around! There are many tips to take from other people when you are just starting to date. They may seem annoying at first but it is important that you take them into consideration and know that people are saying these things for your good. Sometimes it will be harder to take than other times and some people may want you to split up but majority want to give you advice to be happier and have a healthier relationship.

There are several tips that could be said before a person gets engaged or married. There are several things that need to be done, things to be said, things to be set up and a lot of people that need to be spoken too. Many things that split people up is having and not having children, some want children and others don’t. It is during the dating time that we need to talk to each other about the children situation. If you have three children, three years apart then you will not be alone in the house for the next 26 years. This may stun you but this is the reality of life and something that you need to talk about. Having children changes your life and you need to talk to your partner about this before you get married. It is something that you need to work through and something major that you need to be on the same page. If you are not on the same page then it can cause friction, it can cause arguments and it can cause hurt which is why you need to have a dating period to work through these issues.

A dating period is a time when you get to know the other person, their likes and dislikes, the things that tick them of and the things that they are proud off. One major thing that should not be a difference in a relationship is the religion. It is important that a Christian marries a Christian and does not compromise on this issue. If they do not do this then there will be frictions, there will be arguments, there will be differences in how to bring up children and so much more. Dating, marriage and parenting will be hard as it is but when you put a different religion and mindset in place it will be even harder. The best advice that I can give is to marry someone who has the same religion as you and who has the same mindset as you in different aspects of life. It is normal not to be the same as the other person, we are all different and it would be boring if we are all the same. There will be things that you disagree on but it is important that you work through them in an understanding manner.

If you are not able to do this then you have to really think whether that is the right person to marry. Dating is a time when you can talk to other people about the person that you are dating, other people may know the person you are dating more than you know. Talk to their parents and get to know their family, how do they react being around them, talk to their friends, how do they spend their time with them. As well as spending time with people who know the person you are dating it is important that you both spend time with the people who know you best. That way your partner knows how you are going to react, how you interact with those people and how you love. The best way to get to know a person is how they deal with different people and different situations. If you are not sure about the other person and how they do react then get advice from someone you know and don’t be afraid to ask questions to get to know the other person more.

Throughout dating, marriage and parenting not everything will be sunshine and roses, there will be hard times, there will be times that will be tough but through it all you have to work hard to love, you have to work hard to accept and sometimes you will fail. We will all fail our partners at sometime in our relationships but make sure you are there for them and make sure you can help them. If they are not the person that you want them to be then help them work on it, talk to them but most of all pray for them. Pray that they would be able to be the best person that they can be and also pray for yourself that God will lead and guide you to the right person that you are due to marry.

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