Blog 383: Example to Children

set example to children

Did you know that children learn from looking and copying? Did you know that children will watch and learn everything that you do from your action, to your language to how you treat other people. When you think about it, it can be quite scary that children will learn from everything that you do. When you were a child you looked at so many people, who have so many memories, you have had so many adventures and it was so important the way that you were treated and loved. When you do not have people around you that love you it can be hard and it would have made your past totally different. It is easy to remember the hard times and it is hard to know that you were loved but you were. Sometimes you may not feel it because you have had a bad experience of watching other people and following their example.

I understand that it is very important to show a good example to other people but especially those children around us whether it is our own or other peoples. It will sometimes be hard but in showing a good example of love and acceptance the next generation will take that on. It is the same in your marriage, your children will see how your love your spouse, they will see how you work through disagreements, they will see how you talk to each other, they will see how you are around each other, they will see more than you know and they will copy it. It is important that they copy love, support and so much more and not the bad habits that we all do. We want our children to grow up knowing that they are loved and in order for them to know this they need to see an example of love between their parents.

The best way to show that you love your spouse is to spend time with them, to show them love, to do the smallest thing for them, to give them words of affection, to buy them gifts, to be there supporting them and to love them like Christ loves them. Your children will change their attitudes if they see the love between their parents then they will know that they are loved no matter what happens. Children are sensitive, they need love, they want love, they need support, they want support and the best way we can do this is to have a good relationship with our spouse and show a good example to them. Sometimes we will have a hard day, sometimes we will be tired, sometimes we would have had enough but it is important that we do not let the love for our spouse drop. They are tired too, they have days when they have had enough but it is important through this time we love and support our spouse.

There will be days when our children wind us up, there will be days when we want to get away from the children for a bit, there will be days when we don’t know whether we will be able to cope. However, through this we need to support our spouse, we need to have times without the children, we need to have days when the spark re lights into our relationship. Nothing needs to be expensive, nothing needs to be over the top but the love needs to be there to show a better example to our children. It can be hard to show love to our children but the best way that we are able to show it is to give them a good example to follow. No two days will be the same but loving your spouse through everything can be the same.

Loving our family can be hard, there will be different things that get in the way, there will be different people that don’t want you to succeed but your life is your life and you need to do what is best for you. It is up to you to keep the spark alive in your relationship and to know that God is fully in control, He will help you to set a good example to your children. In order to do this you need to draw near to God and you need to know that He loves you as you are. He will help you love your children as He loves you and He will encourage you through His word to love your spouse more and more each day.

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