Blog 382: Be happy single

be happy single.jpg

The last time I wrote about being single I was single but now I am a married lady, there are still loads of people who are single and want to be loved and I know your pain! We all know what being single is like, we have been around friends who are getting married, we are around couples, it seems like everyone is getting engaged, it seems like everyone is in a relationship when you are not and it can be hard. I understand, I have been there, I spent most of my life wishing I could get married but look at me now. Patience and faith really does work and we should not be afraid to wish for better. There may be reasons as to why you are single but keep on going and don’t but your whole life into finding the ‘perfect’ person.

I’m sorry to say but you will not find any perfect person. They all have their flaws, they all have done things wrong, they have almost certainly been with other people. There is no perfect person but there will be a person that is perfect for you and that is what you need to hold onto. It is said that we need to be wise in our relationships but actually we need to be wise in the lead up to going into our relationship. We need to be wise as to how the other person is, who would make a good spouse, how they treat other people, how they respect their parents, how they interact with other people and more. It is important to be wise as to how they respond to other people before you are in a relationship with them. You do not want to be with someone who is rude and who does not respect others because then in time they will not respect you and they will begin to be rude to you and the people you love. Being wise before and during a relationship is a good thing and if it means that it takes longer to get into a relationship then so be it because you are looking out for good qualities in a potential spouse.

We need to be wise in everything we do and if you are single then you need to be wise with your single life too, you should not be ‘free’, you should not go around loads of people but instead be patient and life your life well so that someone who may be looking or interested at you knows that you are doing your best. You may not understand why you are the last in your friendship group to get into a relationship or why you are the last to get engaged but waiting will teach you to be patient which is a wonderful quality in a person. We do not know what life is going to hold in the future and we cannot see what is going to come but what we do know is that everything works out for our good and being single right now is the good that we should have in our lives.

Believe me being married is not all that it is said to be, you have to think about the other person, you have to spend your evenings with your in-laws rather than relaxing at home, you have to spend time with the other persons friends, you have to pass things over the other person, you have to think about the other person more than yourself. Being married is not an easy thing but nor is being single, you may think that the grass is easier on the other side but actually being both single and married is hard work. It is hard to be on your own but it is also hard to be married too and don’t take the position you are in in life at the moment for granted. Things could be worse but remember that you are in the place if life that you are in and make the most of it.

Sometimes you will be criticised for the things you do, the places you are in life, who you are with but most importantly there is One who loves you, it is okay if you are tired, it is okay if you are married, it is okay if you are single but God is the One who loves you for being you. God is the One who loves every part of you and He will help you if you are single, if you are married or if you are widowed, He will love you no matter what and He will continue to support Him.

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