Blog 380: Trust God

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Over the years I have found it very hard to trust other people. I have been hurt so many times that now I find it hard to fully trust other people even those people who are close to me, even family! I know trusting someone is a very important thing in life and it is something that I need to work on. Throughout life so many things will happen, so many people will let you down, so many people will loose your trust and you will loose your trust in them also. We live in a society where so many people are wanting to look better themselves and to show the world a certain person but actually they are a different person. They show a different thing to society because they want to be one thing but in reality no one can trust them because they are two different people.

In a marriage it is no different. Sadly in a marriage so many people are let down and trust can disappear in such a wonderful experience. There are a lot of people in our society that take marriage as a joke. Marriage is something we should take seriously and not something that we should loose trust over. We live in a society where people cheat, where people tell lies, where people say one thing and do another, where trust is lost in a heartbeat. Trust is not something that we should take lightly, it is something that people have to work on, something that needs to happen in life, in a job, in any relationship, with our children, with our family, with our friends, and most importantly in a marriage and with our spouse. The journey will not be easy, the journey will not be relaxing, there will be temptations, there will be hardship but through it all you need to fully commit to your spouse and trust them more even if the conversations are hard.

In order to trust the other person in your marriage it is essential to have the hard conversations, you will learn to trust the other person more because you have been through the hard times. We can do everything in our power to trust the other person and to fully commit yourself to the other person but in order to fully do that we have to fully trust in God and His power to do so. It is only with Gods power that we will be able fully trust the other person that we are married too. We will only be fully to give our trust and our heart to the other person when they are fully committing themselves to God and trusting Him in all things. Are you willing to trust the other person fully even if it means that you have some hard conversations and sometimes you are hurt? If you are able to do that then you will be in for a long and successful marriage.

We have two choices in life, either open yourself up and have the risk of being hurt or keeping yourself to yourself and not trust anyone. In opening yourself up you are vulnerable to rejection, to mistrust, to hurt and to death. We can choose the second option and we can refuse to love and to be loved. It will protect us from being hurt but it will mean that we will find it hard to trust other people. Life will throw us so many things but how we react to life is important. Are you willing to trust but also be hurt or are you going to keep yourself to yourself and not wanting to trust? In taking the latter option we will be alone, we will be isolated and we will loose people in our lives. We will be more alone because of our lack of trust that opening up and possibly being hurt. In life no matter how hard it is we need to open up and we need to trust a lot more because the journey will be so much better.

We can almost guarantee that life is going to be hard and people will let us down but through it all we need to trust fully in God and we need to know that He is fully in control. He will do everything for our good even if we are not able to understand it because He loves us. Whether we can trust other people or not we are able to trust in God and His love for us-that is the true certainty in life.

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