Blog 379: Moving on from pain

getting through pain

We all suffer pain in our lives, it can vary from pain in our heart to our body to our actions. There are so many things in life that can cause us pain, we have pain from loosing someone, we have pain when we hurt our self, we have pain when we loose a job, we have pain when we get sick, we have pain all throughout our life and it is important how we deal with it. Sometimes when we are in pain we turn into ourselves and it can cause other people pain and we often don’t realise. When we are in pain we more often than not cause pain to other people by the way we act and the way we talk without realising it. When you are in pain are there things that you do that you are ashamed off?

We often do things in pain that we look back and think why the heck did we do that? We all have problems and pain in life but it is how we deal with it and how we help others in their pain. Some people get on with the pain without talking to others, some talk to everyone about the pain, some struggle and others fight through it. Which one are you and how do you cope with pain? When we are in pain we always get through it and what or who do you turn to to cope with what you are going through? There are some people that will hold your hand when you are going through pain and there are others who will not be there and you will loose their friendship and contact when you are going through pain. In pain have you learnt lessons or have you just tried to plough through? When you go through pain or have pain in your life you need to choose what you are going to do, are you going to fight through the pain or are you going to fly away from the pain and let it overcome you?

We go through hard times but through our hard times are we there for other people in their hardship? I have been through so much hardship and many people have not been there for me but because of the person I am I am there for them. It can be hard to give so much to those people but for them not to be there for me. In my pain so many people have walked away and they do not understand what hardship and pain I am going through and that is hard not having someone there to talk to. It is hard especially when I have been there for others. I would do anything for other people and for their happiness but when it is not returned I find it hard. Today do you know someone that is going through pain and needs your help? Do you know somebody who needs your help and love?

It can be hard for some of us to reach out but it is equally hard for people to ask for help and it can cause more pain to them and other people around. Going through pain is hard and going through pain without other people is even harder. There are so many people around us that are going through pain and we do not even know about it because they keep silent, they keep things to themselves and they struggle with it. Pain is not something that is easy and it can gradually destroy someones life. How you deal with pain and how you talk about it can alter the way that you deal with it. If you have support around you and people ready to help then going through pain will be a lot easier as you will have the support around you. If people reach out to help then take it because the journey will be so much easier and being a team is better than going alone.

Through all pain people will come and go, people will help, people will be distant, people will support and people will leave but most of all God will stay. No matter what you go through God will be there, God will be your support, God will be the One that you can turn to, God will be the one that will help you through your pain when no one else is around or understands it. Life can be tough but life can be better if God is with you.

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