Blog 377: Marathon of Marriage

marathon marriage

For most people getting married is something that they have wanted for most of their lives, I know so many people, mostly women, and they have dreamed about this time, they have thought about the colours, they have thought about their dresses and when this day comes the dream has become a reality. Many people are so excited about the day and what can happen that they don’t realise that they are in for the long haul. Marriage is all about a marathon and not a sprint. Even though we would like to know everything about our partner before we get married in reality we will not and in the first year we will know more but we will not know everything. Some things we will know later on in life and that can be the struggle with us. We want to know things now in a sprint rather than in a marathon. However, we need to be patient!

Our life goes on and one and we have to realise that sometimes we have to work harder to keep on going and being married is one of those areas in life. Marriage brings so much pressure and a lot of people realise that it is not a marathon and so want to give up which is not what they should be doing.  Whether you have run a marathon or not we all know that it takes time, you need to keep on going and you need to take time to breath rather than rushing through and getting exhausted. Doing a marathon takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of strength and it takes a lot of energy and that is the same as marriage. It takes more time and energy than a sprint and it is something that we need to get used to.

When you first get married you will be excited and it is easy to have a great start but not to have a long lasting marriage. As with any marathon we need to have great determination, we need to keep on plugging, we need to keep on giving everything we have and we need to be ready to have the long-lasting marriage without using up all our energy at the beginning. In order to have a long lasting, marathon marriage you need to keep on going and you need to work together to be the best that you can have. Don’t give up on your spouse, it will take time to learn about each other, it will be so worth it in the end. You will have a better marriage because you are not using up all your energy in the first few years.

Believe me it will be a hard marathon, you will have hardships, you will have tough times, you will have other people to consider, you will have places to go, you will have pressure, you will have frustrations, you will have happy times, you will have issues but in it all you will have you and your spouse. It may be a marathon but you will have the best person beside you to help and encourage you. You will have the person beside you who is your best friend, who is your confident, who is your better half, who is your helper, who is your biggest supporter and use them to help you get through this marathon of a journey. Not only should you use them but you need to be there to help them too, they will have rough days and as much as they are there for you, you need to be there for them.

There will be days that will be harder than others but through it all you are living a marathon marriage and not a sprint and don’t forget that. Sometimes you will be out of breath, you will be struggling but God will and He can help you through all these things and what life has for you. Life will throw its curve balls at you, there will be hills to climb, there will be things to climb through but through it all God will be the one who will help you and He will be the One who can help you to have a long lasting marriage and not a sprint. Remember He created marriage and He will be the One who will help you to have the best marriage that you can. Marriage will be hard work and it will be a long journey but with God at the centre of it you will be able to get through anything and everything.

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