Blog 376: Where is your happy Place?


When you are feeling sad where do you go? What do you do to try and feel better? Where do you go when you have lost your mojo? Who do you turn to when you feel sad? How often do you feel sad? Do you have a certain thing to do when you feel bad? How often is it you feel this way? Do you have a happy place? Do you feel that you are able to talk to people? Can you open up about your feelings? We have all felt sad or unhappy at some point in our lives and we have all had to try and deal with it one way or another. We have all had days when we have not wanted to go to work, when we have not wanted to go out for that meal, when we don’t want to interact with the world, when we find life too hard to live, when we just don’t feel that good. We have all had days like that and it is normal for everyone to have these days. It is part of life but it is how we deal with it that is important.

There are some who get sad over the small things and others where it takes a lot for them to be unhappy. Some can put on a better face when they are not feeling too good whereas other you know are having a bad day. Some can’t work because of how they feel and others keep plodding on. Some are unable to be in a relationship because they feel bad for putting the burden onto someone else and other have learnt how to talk about it. Some people keep hidden away when they feel down and others talk about it so people can learn and understand. Some can get into themselves and not feel worthwhile and others are able to keep their self-esteem high. Some can feel rubbish and others can feel okay about themselves. It all depends on the person and how they feel about life and if they have a good support network around them.

Being happy and always having a positive mindset takes a lot of work and for most people it is not always easy. Being positive all the time is hard work-you can ask anyone that and they will say the same thing. However, when you do feel down or you are sad where do you go and who do you talk to? What place do you tend to gravitate towards?These days it is very easy to put things out on social media and to rely on the ‘ghost’ friends that you have. Not everyone will care or do something about it. Not everyone will understand what you are going through. Not everyone will have the energy to help you through your hard times. There are very few people that read every post let alone take it and even fewer then do something about it. It is a hard life and we need the support around us that we need.

So where do you go and who do you talk to? Think deep into your heart as to how you try and cope with the things around you. We don’t exactly live in a wonderful world where it is easy to be happy and content all the time. It is important to be able to have a space in the place that you live so you can retract and you are able to concentrate on yourself and making yourself feeling better. Feeling good can make you have a better attitude, be positive to those around, make you want to get out, trust others more. It is important to stay happy and positive and if you are not then to talk about it.

Believe me talking about your feelings is still something that is frowned upon and it shouldn’t be! Feelings are a natural thing and should be able to be talked about wherever anyone is. We should not feel that we have to be bullied to talk about our feelings ut I do have to say you have to talk about them no matter how annoyed you get and how hard it can be. However, we are only human and people will judge without knowing the full story. God knows and you can turn to Him at any point of the day or night and He will be able to help you with your feelings. God knows when you are feeling down and putting as mask on for everyone. Take a moment for yourself and cry out to Him. He will answer and He will be able to help you in every way. He will be there when no one else is.

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