Blog 375: Prayer for the United Kingdom

Our Heavenly Father

Today we come to you emotional and with heavy hearts due to the passing of Her Majesty the Queen a couple of days ago. We thank you for her 96 years of life and over 70 years of service to her people in this nation and across the world, we thank you for her leadership, we thank you for her compassion but most of all we thank you for her love for you.

Thank you that she has shown that she trusted in you so we can truly say, ‘God Saved the Queen!’

Lord, we pray for the royal family, from the youngest to the oldest. We know that some don’t fully trust in you and some do but we pray that not only would they find comfort in each other but also in you. May they put divisions aside and be united in mourning their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

We pray for His Majesty King Charles the third and the Queen Consort. We pray that you would give them your wisdom to reign over us in a righteous and sensitive way. May they come to you knowing that His mother had something special in a relationship with the most high King Jesus and want to know more. May you help him in his adjustment in becoming King but also losing his mother who he was very close to. We truly pray God save the King.

Lord God, We pray for this nation as we have had a new Prime Minister and King in as little as 48 hours. Having just lost a Christian ruler we pray that your people would be protected in this land and we would be able to continue meeting and living to worship you.

We pray for the rest of the commonwealth and the watching world that they would realise that the Queen was different because of your spirit living in her and her love for you. She was a servant hearted ruler because she herself had a servant hearted Lord and we thank you once again for her service to her people.

We pray this in Jesus Name,


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