Blog 373: Over complaining

over complaining

How often do we complain? Do you get through a day without moaning? We often complain and it can be because of the smallest things. There are many situations in life when we complain and often we complain so much that people ‘zone out’ and they don’t listen to the points we are making. We often complain about our work, our car, our food, our houses, our friends and sadly our family. We often complain a lot and most of the time we don’t even realise that we are complaining, we just seem to have a negative attitude. Do you find that once you are on a negative road and in a negative mood you can’t see a way out but there are always ways and we need to work on trying to talk about the things that we are not happy about rather than complaining.

As a women who is highly emotional I can go from 0-60 within seconds, I can complain within minutes and sometimes it can be harsh on the people around me. I can complain about anything and everything, I complain about the people around me, I complain about the noises outside, I complain about the house, I complain about the weather, I complain about the foxes, I complain about the TV, I complain about anything and everything and it is hard. When I write it down like that it looks really bad and I honestly complain about everything and I didn’t even realise it! Looking at these things most of them are material things and they really don’t need to be complained about. As my mum says about worrying, ‘will it affect you in 6 months?’ I take this with complaining too, will it affect me in 6 months time and will it still annoy me? Most of the time it won’t and so I need to sort it out and only to complain about the things that really matter.

Even when we should complain about the things that matter we should not complain, if that even makes sense! We need to pick the things that we complain about wisely and we need to talk it through in a calm and collective way. We need to talk to people we trust and the people who will understand what we are talking about. It can be hard talking about things when the other person does not understand but it is good to talk to those people who we can really trust. It is so easy to complain about things but we really need to think about deeply about what we are annoyed at. It is easy to complain about a thing or situation but we need to fully explain why we complain about these things. When we complain about things it is easier than complaining about other people.

When we complain about other people we need to really think whether they are the ‘problem’ or did we wake up on the wrong side of bed? Do we look at the person and get annoyed by them and want to complain about them before we really know them. It is really hard to love a person when we complain about them. We need to think about how we ‘complain’ about the other person. Instead of being critical of the other person we need to compliment them and we need to be clear about the things that can frustrate us about them. There will be people throughout our life that we complain about, we can complain about our bosses, our friends, our family and so much more but we need to be clear about the ways that they can improve. Life is hard and the more we complain about other people the more it can get us down. We need to focus on how we can get better than concentrating on other people and how they can and will frustrate us.

There are many things throughout life that we complain about, we complain about other people, we complain about situations, we complain about things that we should not complain about. One of those things that we complain about that we should not is God, we often blame certain situations on God and more often than not we put him in the bad situations when actually it is the way we react to things. We need to ask God for patience and we need to know that through everything God will help us not to complain about other people. We need to ask Him each and everyday that He will help us to be better people and we will work on us.

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