Blog 371: Letting Go

letting go

Soon it will be that time when we have to let your children go to school. It may be your last child going to school for their first day or it may be your eldest going to high school for the first time, either way you have to let them go and learn about the outside world and to develop themselves. We often want to keep hold of people and stop them from growing but in doing so we are restricting them and we are stopping them from growing. It is sad when this happens, the more you try and hold onto someone the more they want to pull away and that causes friction. It can cause argument, it can cause misunderstanding, it can cause hurt. As much as it is hard you need to let go and be there to support when things do not go to plan. Inevitably things will go wrong in life and things will happen but will you be there when someone is feeling low and someone has hardships in their life.

Do you feel that people hold onto you? Do you feel restricted? Do you find it hard to let go? Do you want to develop but feel like you are in bubble wrap? Being restricted is hard but letting go is just as hard. Life is about hanging on but also letting go. We want to have relationships, we want to have people around us but we also need to let go and let people around us to live their lives. As a young adult there are so many things that I try and let go of but it is really hard. I want to let go of control, I want to let go of being tired all the time, I want to let go of holding onto the negative past, I want to let go of my shortcomings, I want to let go blaming others, I want to let go of trying to solve everything on my own, it is so easy to say it but not to do it!

It is hard to see your children grow up and to see children living their own lives. It is hard to let go because they have needed you for so long in their life and now they are becoming themselves. They are living their lives, they are forming new relationships, they are starting work, they are travelling on their own. Part of letting go is to worry but not to be smothering, to let go but to be there when things do go wrong, to be there when things happen, to give advice when they come to you. There is more to letting go than to just letting them go and leaving them on their own. We should never leave a person feeling on their own but to be there when they need you. It might be tiring but you have to keep on going.

In spite of being there for your children, being the main person in your child’s life and being the person that they turn to it is time to let go and to relax control as they become more independent and have more control in their life. It is important to be able to let go of your children but to still be there when they need your support, there is no need to fully let go. All children will still need their parents, they know what is right for us but we need to make our own choices and learn from them. We can still go back for advice but we still need to make sure that we can live on our own and can have our parents there when we need them.

It is hard for parents to let go and for us to keep on going. Just because we are growing up and becoming more of our own person doesn’t mean that we have to let go of God and leave Him behind. It is hard to go about our daily lives and to think about God but we have to think about the love and blessings that God has given us. It is important to be able to be thankful to God and to know that although we are growing up God is still there for us. He will help us to be able to grow and develop as we grow but we can rely on Him to help us and to continue to help us in our lives and whatever it may hold.

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