Blog 369: God, Family, Society

God, Family and society

How often do you look at other families and think they have the perfect life? We often look at other people and think that their lives are perfect and their families are just the way they want it. In reality a lot happens behind closed doors that you do not see and hear. There are many things in life that pull us so many different ways, we have children who need us at any time of the day, we have spouses who we need to love, we have jobs to attend, we have church to take part in, we have so many things that take our energy and our concentration. We all have our own challenges that we need to come through and it takes time to get used to it. Having a perfect life will not happen and life will have problems whether we want it or not.

You may have a child with special needs, you may be a single parent, you may have a hard time keeping down a job, you may suffer from an illness, you may have a disability, you may have an addiction or you may have children who are tough to handle. Some people may know what is going on behind closed doors but many people don’t and many people see you having a ‘perfect’ life. We live in a society that where life has to be perfect and little less is not good. We are judged by so many people, we need to live a certain life otherwise we get frowned on and it can be hard to keep up to those expectations. The reality is that you will not be able to live a perfect life and there is no point in putting pressure on yourself to live a life that society wants you to live. You live the life that is good for you, your family and your children. Following society will only make you feel pressure and it really is not worth it.

Society puts pressure on us to live a certain life but as much as we love them so does our family. They want us to have a certain job, to teach our children certain things, to have certain traditions, to live in a certain area, to let our children go to a certain school. Even if they don’t mean it our families can put pressure on us and our families can cause us to make certain choices in our life. Some family members may even frown on us and they may even be vocal about how we are bringing up our children, how we get married and who we get married to. Our families love us and want the best for us but sometimes they can be over bearing and can cause us to feel pressure to live a certain way. In the end we have to be patient with our families and we have to do the things that are best for us and our families.

There will be times when we feel pressure at school, we feel pressure at church, we feel pressure with jobs, we feel pressure with society, we feel pressure with our families, we feel pressure all around us and sometimes our house is the only space we get to be ourselves. We should not be pressured to live a certain way by other people in our own houses as this should be our safe space and a space that we can take our masks off. I know that many people have different things that they have to go through in their life and no matter what way we turn we have pressure. No matter how much we want to avoid it life brings pressure and it is how we deal with it is important.

Pressure is part of life and something that we have to get used to. There will be times when we are under pressure to live a certain life by different things around us but we need to know that the only way we should live is according to God. We need to obey His commands, we need to know that He is fully in control, we need to know that whatever we do God will help us. Life is fully of pressure but we are able to come to Him in the pressure of our lives and that is normal. We can cry out to Him when things are hard. We can pray to Him when things get overwhelming. We can come to Him no matter what we go through and no matter who is around us.

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