Blog 368: My girlfriends

my girlfriends

In life no matter whether we are men or women we need people who we can rely on, those we can speak to, those we can count upon, those we can call at any point of the day or night. We all need friends, it is perfectly normal to want to have friends around us who we can trust. I have never been good at keeping or trusting other people that are could be my friends, I have commitment and trust issues and so it is hard for me to continue to have friends around me. I am so thankful for two people who have stuck with me through thick and thin, they have been there when things have got hard, they have been there at the other end of the phone, they have been through everything with me and they still are wanting to be my friends and to support me. I am so blessed by these two people but I don’t think I have ever told you the story of how we met.

My beautiful best friend from England I have known for 11 years now. I still can’t believe that we would be best friends years later. We met in college, we met in our first class, we had never seen each other before, we had never met, we hadn’t been to the same school, we didn’t have the same friendship groups but somehow we became best of friends and we supported each other through college and through everything that it throws at us. I know that some people loose their friends through things that happen in life but through everything we have been able to grow closer. I feel like this lady is such a blessing to me, she has helped me through grief, through laughter, through disappointments, through jobs, through dramas, through gap years, through fall outs and so much more. Sometimes I wonder who I would have turned to if I didn’t have this wonderful lady at the end of the phone. I am so thankful for her and the love that she shows to me.

My other best friend is a little further away, just over the pond, many miles away which has sometimes be hard but I am so glad that the time difference sometimes makes it harder to talk to each other. I am so thankful that we met 7 years ago in Colombia, we were on a mission trip, we had never met before and we were only together for 3 days and we had such an amazing connection and our friendship become a life long thing. I have never met someone like her and I will never meet someone like her again. We have been through time differences, we have had only a few weeks face to face, we have sent thousands of texts to each other, we have spent many hours on FaceTime, we have listened to each other, we have supported each other but most of all we have prayed for each other. Sometimes I am awake at night and I know that I am able to contact her and she will be so encouraging.

Both of these ladies have been through so many things with me, we met each other on chance and didn’t know that we would be friends for years to come. We would be contacting each other everyday, we would be there for each other no matter what we go through. I know that some days I will be there for them and they will be there for me. I know that when they are down I can bring joy to them and when I am down they bring joy to me. These two ladies have helped me and been a blessing to me more than I can say. I just hope that we will be friends in many more years to come and we will share more memories and experiences together. There may be many miles between us, we may live different lives, we may have different families and we may have different groups of friends but I know that through everything I will do my best to be the friend that they need as they have been with me through everything that life has thrown to me.

Life has many experiences, life can keep us awake at night, life can throw us curve balls but when you have people around you who can help and encourage you to keep on going you can get through anything. However, sometimes these friends are not around, sometimes they are busy, sometimes they have to live their own lives but throughout life God will be with us. We will be able to trust in Him and His word, we will be able to keep close to Him and cry out to Him when things don’t go the way we have planned. He has blessed me by putting these friends in my life and I can’t be more thankful.

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