Blog 367: I died for you

I died for you

I know very few people in this world that I would actually put my life down for them, sorry! How far would you go to protect someone and to keep them safe and alive? This is a very big question for anyone in their lives let alone those people who are married or who have children. You hear of people that have died because they have helped a stranger, I feel blessed that we have people like that in our world. We all say we would do something like that but would we actually when the time would come? Would we be willing to put our life on the line so that someone else can live? How far would you go for someone to live more than you? I would hope in a situation that someone needs to be saved I would be the first person to jump in and to try and help them. I would hope so but when the time comes would I actually- I would not know until that time comes!

It is so important for us to think about other people and we are taught this from a very young age, we are taught to be polite, we are taught to put other people first. When we are certain situations though are we prepared to put other people first and would we put our life on the line for them? There are many people in this world who have given their life for other people and realistically we don’t know who they are and how they did it but what an act of selfless love. When we think of people giving their lives for us we automatically think of the world wars, those men and women gave up their life so that we are able to have a better life and to be able to live in peace.

However we have all had ‘near misses’ with our lives whether that being from crossing the road with a car coming, to our plane having technical problems, to being caught in a storm, to our car breaking down. There have been many times in our life that we have had near misses with our life but how often do we think about giving our life for other people? When was the last time you gave your life or even your time for other people and those people who are not well? We all have a fear of death, we are all scared of dying, we are all scared of leaving our loved ones, we are all scared of passing away from this life. It is totally normal to be fearful of death and I think that is why most people will not give up their life for other people no matter what comes up in life.

We can be confused as to why things happen in our life, we are confused as to why we all die but it is something that is guaranteed for us all in life. Every person who has ever been born or been alive will die and that is a fact. We may die a natural death or we may give up our life for other people and that is perfectly normal as we are selfish people as well as being sinful. There will be times in our life when we have to think about giving up our own lives, we give up sleep for our children, we give up time for our family, we give up a lot of things in our life so why don’t we give up our life for other people. It is hard when you think about it but you need to be willing to help other people with their life and if that means that you give up your life or lifestyle for other people then you will feel good about you and other people.

We may not be willing to give up our life for other people but there is One who did give up His life for us. There was One who gave up their life before we were even born. There was One who lived the perfect life. There was One who died the perfect death. There was One who gave up His life so that we are able to live. Jesus Christ is the only One who came to this world so that He could give up His life and we should be so thankful for the love that He has shown to us. Many people will say that they will give up their life for other people but would they really? However, Jesus said that He would give up His life for us and that is what He did. What a blessing and how thankful we should be!

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