Blog 366: End of dating

end of dating

Don’t we all love a good love story, a good dating story, to see how people met, to see what they have been doing, to see where they have been going on dates. Don’t we get excited when we find out that our friends are dating and we always want to know more about how it is going. However, how often do you ask how your friends marriage is going? It seems to be when we or other people get married we just seem to let them be and we don’t ask them how it is going. We only know when bad things happen which is sad, we don’t hear about the days out, the romance, the date days. It seems that dating has gone out of fashion, no one wants to dating let alone date with a purpose of getting married. Our society is ready to live together and to be together but not to date to have a purpose of marriage because that is ‘out of fashion.’ We need to bring dating back and we need to put the spark back into relationships.

There should be never a time when we end dating and courtship whether you are just getting to know someone, whether you have had a bad experience or whether you are now married. No matter what circumstance you have gone through don’t give up on dating and the experience that it brings to you. You can learn so much about yourself, about other people and how to learn and develop in yourself. Dating can be hard work, it can be exhausting and it can be slow but don’t give up and certainly don’t hurt other people in the process. Don’t harm others but also don’t give up on yourself, your self worth and your future relationships.

When we are getting to know other people we are exciting, we are wanting it to do new things, we are wanting to be with that person all the time. Dating is good, dating is a new experience and dating is special. However, when we are new to it we have so many issues and so many things that we have to get through. There are so many things that can destroy the dating experience and so many things that can stop us from dating. We live in a society that is more concentrated on social media, on work and on family and so it can be hard to carry on dating. It can be hard to concentrate on dating when there are so many other things in life that can take our concentration and our energy. With starting dating make sure you have time with your new partner and ignore other things that can come in the way. Life will throw so many things your way but make sure sometimes you put them to one side and concentrate on the other person and how special they are to you.

In dating we can all have bad experiences, we loose people that we had a connection with, we loose people who we thought we loved, we loose people who we wanted to make a future with. It can be hard to continue when we have had a bad experience but keep on going and keep focusing on what can happen with someone new. Dating throughout our marriage we need to work harder on it as we get into a routine and we begin a family. Just because you are married does not mean that you should stop going on date nights, writing your spouse a love letter, doing something special for your other half. There will be days when you are tired but put that to one side and put a date in the diary every month to have a date day. You may be married but once upon a time you had the spark there, you did things to make the other person fall in love with you and don’t let marriage get in the way of being romantic to the other person.

In everything dating isn’t the be all and end all. It is perfectly fine to be single and to have a life without other people around. You don’t have to be married to have self worth, you don’t have to have a beautiful girl on your arm to feel like you have something to live for. Instead you need to know that your self worth is in Christ, He is the One who can help you, He can help you to feel self worth, He can help you to continue when you want to give up. No matter whether you are single, engaged or married you need to know that Christ loves you just the way you are.

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