Blog 365: Let your man lead

man lead family

We all want to be in charge, we all want to tell others what to do, we all want to lead our families but there should only be one person who ‘wears the trousers’ in your relationship and that should be the man. It is not that men are more capable or more wise but because marriage is teamwork and in any team that you watch they have a captain. In our marriage that should be our husbands. We as women are there to support him, we are there to encourage him and we are there to be part of a team. It is not that every time we have to make a decision we have to ask him but we there are big choices to make and certain things to be done we have to come to our husband as he has been put in the leadership position. No matter who we are with and who we are married to we need to show our children who is in charge and who makes the big choices in the family.

No matter what life throws at us and what we go through we must be willing to battle for our families. In live in a world full of single parents and broken families and we need to help them realise that having a man in control in the house is part of their position. A man should never us this to his advantage, I condone domestic violence and abuse but instead he should be gently and understanding towards his wife and his family. We are designed to serve our families in different ways and that is okay, we were designed differently and that is okay. Can you imagine if we were all the same, it would not be normal and it would be very strange. We live in a time when there is freedom of speech and political correctness but overall God should and has the ultimate say as to how a family should function. We should not take his word calmly but instead think of the ways that we can honour Him in our lives.

As we go through our everyday and we all have hard choices to make our men should stand up and take control of our families. I do not say that they should be controlling but they should understand their families and do what is best for them. It is important that wives and children know that their husband and father would do anything for them no matter what the cost is and not matter what could happen. As wives and children we need to support our husbands and our fathers and know that what he is doing with Gods guidance is right for the family and God will continue to help him. No matter what men go through in life and whatever happens they are to lead with love and full commitment to their wives and families. They are to put their wives and families before themselves, they are to put themselves on the front line, they are to go into battle to protect their families and spread the good news of the gospel.

In all that life is full of as husbands you need to fully rely on God and He will give you the strength to continue. As wives and children we need to submit to our men and trust that they know what they are doing always remembering they are human and they will make mistakes. No matter what mistakes they make in life we need to be there supporting them and we need to stand behind him and cheer on our coach and our leader. There are bound to be some days when he is tired, when he can’t do anymore, when he has a lot of things on his plate but instead of taking over and wanting to be in control we need to pray for him and pray that God will fill Him with strength that only He can give.

Throughout our lives men will come and go, they will make mistakes, they will leave, they will be violent and the leadership will go to their head but we need to fully trust in God knowing that He will help them to lead the families in the right way. You may be a single mother reading this and don’t give up hope. You have bee thrust into the leadership role and may not understand what to do but fully trust in God as He can and He will help you if you come to Him.

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