Blog 364: Pray for your children

pry for children

Don’t you look around and think how much life has changed since you were a child, how much technology there now is, how many children spend hours in their bedroom, how children are not allowed outside on their own? Since all of our childhood life has changed and things have become totally different to what they used to be. Life for our children will be very different for them than it is for us now, life will be harder, life will be full of temptations and life will be overwhelming. It is often hard to support your children because you want to have a close relationship with them but you want them to gain their independence and to ‘fly the nest.’ It is a very fine line that you have to follow, you don’t want them to feel like you are not giving them space but you don’t want them to have too much space so they harm themselves.

There will be times when your children wind you up the wrong way, when you just want to send them to bed, when they have been up all night, when they have pressed all the buttons and more but instead of getting annoyed or frustrated with them you need to pray for them. You need to pray that they will be guided in the right way, that they will come to know God as their saviour, that they will have the right support around them and that you can love them unconditionally. Don’t wait to pray for your children once they are older but start praying for them the moment you know you are having them or maybe when you wish you had children. Being a parent can be a very hard and tiring time but your children need you more today than they did yesterday. They will need you more tomorrow than they did today.

We live in a very uncertain world and the least that we can do is for them to know that we are praying for them. The days will be hard and they will be long but whatever you do make sure that you come to God and commit your children to them. When our children need us we are there and that is the same for God. When we are tired He is there, when we are lonely He is there, when we are afraid He is there, when we are frustrated He is there, when we want to give up He is there. There are so many times in our life when we just want to have our parents back, it has been said that there is nothing like a mothers hug and as I get older I seem to understand that. It is a sad realisation that our mothers will not be around forever but God will be and His comfort is so much better than our mothers.

You will not always be around for your children, you will not always be able to pick up the phone, you will not always be able to give them a hug, you will not always be able to talk but God can. He will be there when you need Him, He will be there when things are not going right and He will be there when you do not have anyone around you. Life will change and life will get difficult but through it all God knows what is going on through our hearts and our lives and He will help us. God knows that we often find it hard to spend time with our children let alone spend time in prayer with Him but He will help us and He will keep us close to Him. All we have to do is to come to Him and as a child looks to us for reassurance we need to look to Him and to trust that He has a plan for our lives.

We may not understand all the time what is going on in our world, what our children are doing, what is going through their heads but we need to be there for them as much as we can. We are getting older but so is our children and they need to know that when we are not around, when we do not have the time and when we fail them that God will be there and He will not fail them. They may not understand everything that goes on in the world but we need to commit them to prayer and realise that God will help them more through life than we ever can.

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