Blog 360: Stay romantic

stay romantic

We all like to be romantic, we all like to go on amazing dates, we all like to be with the people that we love, we all like to be with out spouse, we all like a romantic movie but sometimes the romance can go in our relationship. Sometimes we need to put the spark back into romance and it can take work to do so. We shouldn’t just give up because it is hard to keep the spark going, we should want to stay romantic and show people around us how much we love them. We all want to be loved in our marriage and we all want to be loved in our family but how do we show that to the people around us. We need to put things in our life to help us to stay romantic no matter how busy we are and no matter what is going on in our lives.

In marriage we need to let the other person know that we love them no matter what we are thinking or feeling. It can be a simple thing as taking the bins out to setting up a date day every month. There are many times in life that dates can just fly by but make sure that you take time with your spouse, take time with the people around you that you love as you will never get those days back. You will never be able to get those small moments back to show love to your spouse so take the moment today to show love. To show love to your husband if you are newly married with no children there are many things that you can do, you can make him dinner for when he gets home, make sure the house is clean and tidy, maybe write him a letter for when he gets in. Your husband does not need anything amazing, the small and simple things will show him that you love him.

When you have children it can be harder to show love to your husband, it takes more time to look after the children and that is the point when romance can be slow and can sometimes vanish. Having children is the biggest romance that you have shown your spouse, remember you made those children, you got together one night and made those children. No matter how hard the day is, no matter how hard the children wind you up, no matter how tired you are at the end of the day remember that you and your spouse made those children. With having children the days can be long and the nights can be sleepless but showing romance to your spouse is what you can do best. Maybe when you come back from work buy your wife some flowers, it doesn’t have to be ones that is her favourite but just something to show love. As with showing love to our husbands showing love to your wife can be simple and small.

As wives we can have a clean house, we can have the children fed, we can have the dinner on the table, we can have the toys packed away and although your husband may not show it, he is thankful for you and those small things are showing him that you love him even if you are not thinking about it. There are small things that we can all do each day to show our love to our spouses but in life things will happen and things will be hard but we need to keep the romance alive. We can keep the romance alive without children and it can be easy to do as we don’t have the distraction but when we have children we need to work that little bit harder. We need to work harder to show our spouses that we love them because children can take a lot of energy, they can take a lot of patience and they can take a lot of sleep and so we need to work extra hard on our marriage.

Throughout life romance changes as our life changes. There are so many things that changes in our life with marriage, children and getting old but there is One who stays the same no matter what we are going through. There is One who can help with showing love to our spouse and families. There is One who can help use through everything no matter what life throws at us. God is the One who can be a constant support, He will show us constant love no matter how we are feeling and no matter how we are doing.

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