Blog 359: Small tongue, hurtful words


There are so many things that are said about tongues, they can say the smallest words but pierce the strongest heart. It may be one of the smallest muscles in our body but we have to be careful about how we use it and what we say with it. The smallest thing can destroy a person. We have all had times when we have said something that we should not have said and have had things said to us that have hurt us. We need to be careful with our tongue however large or small it is. In a society that is so negative it is easy to get drawn into things that should not be said when we should actually think about the words that we say before we say them. When we say something we think that it is over and done with and we can’t take it back but that is not fully true. When we have said something hurtful and we know it is hurtful then we need to apologise and next time think before we speak, the other person will have your words ringing in their head for a very long time to come.

No matter who it was whether it be your spouse, family member, parents, siblings, teachers, friend, someone we work with we remember the words that someone will say to us especially if they cut us to the heart. I bet you can always remember a time when someone said something to you that did not need to be said and it has now affected the way that you live your life. We may forget where we put our phone but a hurtful comment that was said years ago we can remember for decades to come. We need to be careful with the words that we say to each other. We may cause more damage to someone than we realise, some people may even remember the day and the experience that it was said to them. We need to talk kindly and wisely and not quickly. There will be times that we need to think about what we say quicker than other times and it is important to keep an eye on our tongue and what we think.

What the tongue says is a good way to know what the heart is thinking. It is very easy to compound our thoughts and feelings down into our body but eventually they will come up and eventually what is thought in our heart will be said out loud and we need to be cautious. There will be times when we say what our heart is thinking, the words will be harmful, they will hurt the other person, they will affect someones self esteem, they will be remembered for years to come and most of all they will reflect the person that you are. We need to be mindful of the words we say, we may think that something we say is a joke but it could hurt the other person deeply without us even realising it, the comments we say now can last a very long time.

When we have said something that is harsh and that has affected the other person or us in the way that we have said it we need to go and apologise. We all know that saying sorry can be hard and it really is-we never want to admit that we are wrong but sometimes it is the best thing that we can do. In certain cases the damage can be repaired but the relationship will always be strained and a level of trust will be broken between you and the other person, between their actions and yours, between their words and yours. There will be times when words just come of our tongue, in a matter of rage, when we are nervous, when we are annoyed, when we are trying to crack a joke but we still need to be careful and we still need to think about the other person and their feelings. Our words can make us look good but they can also make us be a person that we really are not.

No matter what you are going through you have no reason to say bad words to other people. We all need to think about the things that are coming out of our mouth. One of the main ways that we can do this is to pray and to ask God that He will help us with our words, that He will help us with the change in our heart and He will help us to focus on building other people up rather than being negative.

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