Blog 357: Get to know me


I realise that there are many people from many different countries have been reading these blogs who do not really know me. I thought it was time for you to get to know me as I have now been blogging for almost 5 years. I have looked up some quick fire questions and here are my answers:

1) What does your name mean?

Rebecca is the Hebrew origin meaning “servant of God”.

Louise is French origin meaning “renowned warrior”.

2) Dogs or Cats?

Dogs totally, in my family we have had three dogs and they have been amazing. I would love to have dogs in the future along with lots of other pets. At the moment thought we have to just deal with some gold fish and a cute little bunny called coco.

3) What is your favourite drink?

It has to be a good hot chocolate but with no cream or marshmallows, That is too sweet for me. If I was to go out then I would get a tea to be sociable but a hot chocolate on my own is the best.

4) Tea or Coffee?

It has to be 100% tea, I don’t mind how it comes as long as it is wet and warm! Give me a bit of chocolate to dip in and let it melt then that is wonderful. Many people dip in biscuits but I am just weird that I like to dip chocolate in it!

5) Have any books you read changed your life?

The Bible has totally changed my life, God has changed my life in more ways than anything. I have a new life in God and have a family with those in the church.

7) Do you speak any languages and how well?

I can speak a bit of Spanish only to be able to get around but not brilliantly. I lived in Colombia for 6 months and so was able to use it there. It was amazing and such a wonderful experience.

8) Are you single or taken?

I am taken, married in fact! It has taken a while to get married because of the Covid-19 that was going around and the lock down that was in place so we were unable to get legally married for a while. Fun fact, we were actually 16 hours away from signing our legal document before the lock down happened. Sadly we were unable to get it done but we were able to have a celebration later on in the year.

9) What is your idea of your dream date?

It would be to go to the park and to have a picnic in the park and chill. However, if it was in the winter then I would love to go ice skating and then for a nice meal. Cinema is a huge no no because you can’t talk through it and you can’t really get to know the other person. I have had so many wonderful dates with my now husband. We have been to London zoo, we have been away for the weekends away, we have been to the beaches, we have been for long drives and each one has been amazing. Once you find someone who is amazing don’t let them go!

10) How many siblings do you have?

I have two, one older sister and one younger brother so I am in the middle. My husband has two brothers, one older and one younger. We are both the middle children!

11) What is your go-to fast food order?

My go to food has to be Chinese. I love Sweet and Sour chicken with Chou Mein and the crispy duck pancakes. I don’t think you can beat that with prawn crackers!

13) What is your favourite colour?

It has to be pink or purple, not because I am girly but because it is smooth and cute. I have always been attracted to these colours no matter how old I have been.

14) What is your biggest fear?

It has to be dying but also spiders- I can’t stand them, no matter how small or how large they are.

15) What is your favourite childhood memory? 

It has to be going on holiday with my grandparents. I was going on holiday with my grandparents for almost 16 years and it was amazing. We made so many memories, we went to so many places, we went on so many adventures and had so many laughs. If I could go back to those times I would because they are just amazing and those holidays were the best.

16) What is your favourite holiday destination?

It has to be Moray Firth in Scotland, they have wonderful beaches, walking tracks and so much more. I can’t wait to take my husband back there and show him how amazing it is.

Looking back over my last years I have been able to see all the wonderful things that have been able to happen, the places I have been able to go and the memories I have been able to make. I am blessed that God has given me this life to live and He will continue to help me and my husband to live the life that He wants us to live.

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