Blog 356: Serve not to be served

serve others

How often do you go out and serve other people? It is hard to think about other people when we have families to deal with, we have jobs to go to, we have children to look after, we have so many things and people in our life to split our time in between and it can be hard to serve all those people. It is hard to look after our elderly parents at home, it is hard to serve our children when they drive us crazy, it is hard to serve our spouse when small things annoy us, it is hard to serve our job when we have other things on our mind and heart, it is hard to serve our church when we can’t get up in the morning, it is hard to serve our friends when we have many other people to serve, it is hard to serve others because we have much going on in our own lives and we have so much to do. It will be hard.

We find it very easy for people want to have time for us, we want them to spend time with us, we want them to go out with us, we want them to have dinner with us, we want them to come over, we want them to have days out with us, we want them to do things in the house, we want them to clean the children up, we want them to run the bath, we want them to cook us dinner, in essence we want them to serve our needs rather than thinking about the things that we could do for them and the things that would make their life so much better. To begin with it can be hard to do things for other people because we want to be served rather than serving them no mater what they and we are going through. It is very easy to get into a mode that we are sorry for ourselves and we want everything to do with us but in reality there are more people out there who need us than we need them.

Since being married I have really learnt what serving is, its not about doing the normal things, the everyday things but thinking about the things that would be really good for my husband. It may be as small as making a sandwich for his lunch to something large as booking a weekend away so we get time together. Serving doesn’t have to be huge but it can be small and often mundane. I have found that a lot of the ways I serve is boring and ‘normal’ but would I want to serve anyone else other than my husband, the answer is probably not! I love serving my husband, making sure he has food to eat, making sure the fridge is full, making sure the house is clean, the dusting is done, the washing is done and we have time together. It can sometimes be hard because I can’t be bothered but I need to remember that I am here to serve him and to make sure that I am thinking about him and his feelings rather than my own.

I feel so much better when I serve other people rather than myself and a lot of the time my love language is giving. I love to give my time, I love to give gifts, I love to make sure other people are okay. If that means that I am unable to do the things that I would like to do then I would prefer that. I would prefer to spend time and help other people than to spend time and money on myself. I am not saying that I am perfect at giving time to other people and serving other people but I want to be better. I want to serve people with my time, my money and so much more but I need help. I need to ask for accountability and I need to protect myself and other people from getting hurt and to me that is more important than anything.

In life there will be times when I am and am not able to serve other people, I may be sick and I may be tired but I want to serve other people in the way that I can. I know that I am not able to do this myself and I need help. I can ask other people for help but in reality people are not as perfect as we want people to think and so I and we need to have help from One who is perfect. Jesus was the perfect person who served other people fully and without a problem. He put other people first and was will to serve those people who wouldn’t naturally be accepted into society. We need to follow His example and we need to ask for His help to serve other people no matter how we are feeling.

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