Blog 355: One man and one woman

one man and one women

We all know at the beginning of the earth there was one women and one man, Adam and Eve, made in the image of God, married to each other and the beginning of the human race. God commanded these two people to be fruitful and multiply-hence have children and fill the earth with more children. There was just one man and one women-not multiply people, not two men and not two women but instead one man and one women no matter what way we look at it. It is from this that marriage was formed and that marriage would be here today. It was between one man and one women and it was deliberate, there was no mistake, there was no shame but God knew what He was doing and God still knows what He is doing in the times to come.

God gave us a definition of marriage-one man and one woman, one of each gender, not one of both genders and not more than two people in a marriage. No matter what they go through they are to be joined together forever, until the end of time, until they pass their life. We live in a world where man (and woman) want to ruin things, there is fights, robbery, shame, stealing and so much more because we live in a world that is full of sin and not of God. We automatically think of ourselves, we think of us, we think of me and what we want rather than other people and their needs and desires. We live in a world that is selfish that is egocentric, we live in a world that wants to destroy the good things and one of the major things is marriage.

There are so many people who are in a violent marriage, who have affairs, who sleep around, who have an open relationship, who put their needs before their partners and so much more. This is not a godly marriage, this is not something that we should want to have and want to live in. This is something that is wrong and something that we all need to work on, we need to love our spouses, we need to love our families and we need to love those people who are close to us. It is not because we need to but because we want to, we want to improve our lives and at the same time live a life that shows God working in our hearts. It will be hard and it will be difficult but with Gods help we will be able to have a holy and wonderful marriage.

There will still be hardships, there will be ups and downs, things that we do not agree with and things that may not be easy but God will be able to help us. We need to fully trust God because after all He was the one that designed marriage. He was the one that will help us through our married life. We can turn to our family and friends for help but they are people of the world, they will be able to give us advice from God but God has the ultimate decision and He will help us live a godly life and a marriage that is a blessing to not only us but also to Himself. We need to have courage to speak out when we do not agree with things, we need to refuse to have sex before marriage no matter what the peer pressure and no matter what the world says.

I wonder if you looked deeply into your marriage, how is it going? Are you pleased with your marriage? Are you pleased with how godly it is? I suppose at time to time we need to look deep into our marriage and how we are feeling. No matter what comes into our life we need to be able to be godly, we need concentrate on God and His will for us. Ever marriage that is in this world should be between two people, one man and one women, no one else, no more people. Our society naturally hates God and we need to live a life that represents God, one that God is in control of our lives, one that reflects God in our actions, our language, our lives and our marriage. Are you ready to look into your marriage and to see where God is? Everyone naturally heads into sin and we need to ask God to help us to love Him and trust Him with our lives and those around us.

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