Blog 353: No to Hollywood romance


Everywhere we look people are on their smartphones, people sit down for a date but end up being on their phones, people go our for a drive but one or other go on their phones, people go out for a walk but they are soon on their phones, people seem to have lost the romantic aspect to their relationships. Having a relationship however, is not a Hollywood romance, times are different and times are hard not like a movie. Things take a while to get resolves, things can be tough, the journey can be long and we should not want to wish that our romance is like Hollywood because otherwise we will be disappointed. Falling in love is a very strange thing and we should not expect everything to be amazing. Films are for a reason and they are not real life however, as much we may want it to be like that it is not real life.

I think that the main reason people look at movies for romance is because we do not show it in our everyday life. Couples are very slow to show romance to each other, it almost seems that they are scared of showing their true feelings to each other. We are almost scared of letting our guard down and letting someone fully into our lives and into our heart, we want to keep people are arms distance, we want to be on our own but also we want to have that extra special person in our life. We are easy to want to have the romance but we get the idea from movies rather than people showing it to others. When was the last time you saw your parents show romance to each other? When was the last time you saw someone who had a long marriage? It could have been ages ago because we hardly ever see it in our real life.

It has been said that the best way a man can show love to their children is to love their mother and to really show it. How often does that happen though? When was the last time you saw your father show love to your mother? This could just be a hug, a nice dinner in the evening, a card, a letter or as simply as making her a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be like Hollywood and huge gestures but instead it can be the small things that make a world of difference. Most of our lives do not revolve around Hollywood and huge romantic gestures, we are just normal people living a normal life with very normal people around us. We do not have a huge amount of money around us, we do not have the big houses, the best cars or anything amazing but the most important thing is each other and loving each other just the way they are and not wanting to change them.

Our lives are very mundane and we need to show love to each other in the small and insignificant times of our day. Love can be from the ways we strive to please each other and how much we cherish each other. When we watch so many movies we sometimes wish that our lives were like the things we watch. However in reality love can be hard work, love can be exhausting, love can be tough and love can be a long journey. We should not get caught up in how Hollywood portrays love and romance as that is not real life and we can get caught up in the things that are not important. We need to be grounded in the truth and know that Hollywood romance and real life romance is totally different. We need to make time for each other and we need to make sure that we do not have unrealistic expectations about our partner because although you want it they will not live up to it.

Love can be and will be hard but the more we work on it the better it will be. We always should be willing to work on our relationship with our spouse and give them the love that we can show them. However, there will be times when we let them down, we will get tired, we will get exhausted, we will get mad at our partners. However, ‘sometimes we may not like them but we will always love them and that is the most important thing for both partners to know. Loving someone can be a long journey but God loves us no matter how tired we are, no matter how much we have going on in life God will always love us. He loved you before you were born, He loves you today and He will carry on loving you.

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