Blog 352: Every man needs a women

man needs a women

No matter what way we look at it every man needs and women and every women needs a man. With all the things going on in the world it is important that we rely on each other. There are many times in our life that we are upset by some of the things that our partners say to us, we can be sensitive and we can take things the wrong way. However, there are things that we say and do to our partners that they take the wrong way and sometimes we are not sensitive to those things. We often find it hard to love men because they just don’t get us or they come out with the wrong things that should not be said. We need to forgive them because sometimes they are not sensitive, sometimes they do the wrong things, sometimes they say the wrong things and we are quick to judge which we should not do.

As women we are easy to talk about our emotions and how we feel but we also need to love our spouse for being him and not just what we want him to be. Men take time to talk about the things that are worrying them, they just need time to process things, they take time to talk about their ‘difficult’ emotions. In order for him to talk to you he needs to trust you, he needs to spend time with you and then he will begin to talk to you about the things that concern him. Sometimes it is easier for him to talk to a women about he is feeling rather than his mates. Whatever we think men need to feel loved for who he is and the man he is not the man who we want him to be. Not only should we listen to our partners we need to support and respect them for the man that they are and not what we want to change about them.

Sometimes it is hard for men to communicate fully with us and we need to patient with them as it takes time for them to talk. Whatever the media and social websites say men can communicate but it takes time. It takes time for men to come out with what they want to say and it is important that we do not shame them but instead give them time to talk to us. Not only should we love men for who they are we need to love them for the playful way that they are and sometimes we need to let go of the stern face and sensible us and just be a bit more playful. Believe me our men will like that, they will like us being a bit silly, they will like us being immature because that is who they are. They want to be playful and sometimes it does us the world of good to be like that too. We need to start being playful, to have less control, to be spontaneous and our men will like that.

Sometimes it will be hard to be the person that is not in control but we need to know that our men need us as much as we need them. When we do not have routines, when we do not have agendas, when we do not have things to do our love for each other will be able to grow and develop, we need to put things to one side to spend time with our men. They need us, they need us to love them for who they are, to love them when they are happy and when they cry, when they are struggling when they are settled. Men need us to understand them and to love them no matter what they are like. We shouldn’t talk to him about his fears and failures but in ways that can build him up and be a better person. It is hard to be a man and we don’t fully understand it but we can be there to support them and their desires in life.

We may find it hard to support our men, we may find it hard to be there for our men and it may be hard to be patient with our men but we need to do this for them. We need to learn that what each of our men need and we need to pray that God will help us to be a better person. God will help us to trust in Him more but most importantly we need to be thankful for the men that we have in our life, we need to be thankful that men have women and vise versa.

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