Blog 349: Daddy and Daughter

daddy and daughter

We have just celebrated fathers day and it is special to celebrate this day as being a daughter. We have a different relationship to most people, your father is the one who you look up to, the one who we take for an example, the one who helps us to see what our future husband should be like. We look up to our fathers more than we think, as a daughter I have looked up to my father more than I could have thought. Throughout my childhood my father was the one who stayed at home while my mum worked and although it may have looked strange to the outside world it was perfect for us and it worked great for us. My father was the one that was always at home and I am so grateful and blessed that we was. We have a special connection as a daddy and daughter, no matter how old I get he will always be my daddy!

I am so blessed that my dad has helped me through the times when I had thought I had lost my way. Over the years I thought he was over protective, I thought he was too much but as I look back he has been a perfect father. He has helped me to make the right choices, he has protected me, he has encouraged me, he has hugged me, he has wiped away my tears, he has understood me and over all he has never given up on me. I have to say that I have not been the best daughter, I have annoyed him, I have shouted, I have slammed more doors than I can remember, I have ran away from home more than once, I have been a pain but through it all my father has been the one who has tracked me down, he has been patient and he has helped me to continue to grow and develop into the person that I am today. I am thankful that through it all my father has stuck by me and loved me no matter what we have gone through.

We have made so many memories, we have been on so many adventures, we have gone through so many things, we have shed tears together, we have shared laughs together, we have done so many things together and I am so blessed that he has been my dad throughout everything that has happened. This last fathers day has been so special, my dad is my father, my dad has been my supporter, he has been my cheerleader, he has been my go to person, he has been the best but most of all he has been the one that has helped me come to Christ. He encouraged me never to give up and he encouraged me to rely on God when he has not been around. He has helped me to realise that he will not be around all the time but I can always come to God and I can always rely on him.

This last fathers day may have been hard for other people and I understand that, some don’t have their fathers, some don’t know who their fathers are, some are estranged from their fathers, some live in different households, some are fatherless, some live far away from their families and this last Sunday would have been hard. It is at this time that I realise that no one is perfect and as much as we look up to our fathers and as much as we want our fathers around they will not be. As much as we want them to be our father are not perfect, they will let us down, they are sinful. I am sorry to dash your dreams about your father but he will never be perfect, sadly he will let you down even though he will try his best not to. Our fathers on earth will not be perfect but our father in heaven is perfect.

Our father in heaven is the one that we can come to through anything, we can come to Him at night, we can come to him when our fathers are not around, we can come to Him when we are scared, when we are happy, when we are annoyed, when we are tired, when we are sad, when we are pressured, when we on our own, when we are with our family, when we are at school, when we are going through anything in life God will help us. He will continue to help us through what we feel but in order to do that we need to trust Him fully.

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