Blog 346: My Hubby


In two days time is my husbands 30th birthday! My husband, can you believe it? Darling this blog is for you. I don’t know how to tell you this but you are amazing. You have helped me so much in the last year, you have been such a wonderful husband, you have been such a support, you have picked me up when I have been down, you have encouraged me, you have kept me going, you have given me hugs when I have needed it, you have blessed me more than you can imagine! Can you believe that it was just under 7 years ago that we first met and we have been married for just over 2 years. You bring so much more to my world than you will ever know and I am so grateful for everything that you do for me. I am so grateful for the love that you show even when I don’t show it back to you.

I know that it was love at first sight when I first met you, but it took more time for you to warm up but I am so glad that you have and so glad that you wanted to marry me. I spent years wanting to be married to someone that loves me, wanting to be blessed by someone everyday, wanting to be grateful for the person who God has put in my life. I am so thankful that you are my husband and I am your wife. Through the years we fell in love, we survived family issues, we went on holiday, we got engaged, we moved flat, we starting living together, we got married and now we are ready to start a family, we are ready to see what the future holds, we are ready to see what memories we make and I am so grateful that I get to live life with you and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us and our families.

Throughout everything we have been through in life you have been my best friend, you have been my confidant, you have been my husband, you have been my tickle buddy, you have made me laugh, you have provided for me, you have worked hard so that we can have a better future. You have become my husband and no other title suits you better than this! When you became my husband my heart extended, I was about to burst with joy and I can’t be more grateful for how much you have done for me. Life throws us so many different things, so many different changes and I am so pleased that I am able to go through life with you. I know that life will be full of more adventures, full or more memories, full of happiness and full of more laughs with you by my side. You are my best friend, my cream to my strawberries, my sidekick, my peanut to my butter, my toast to my jam and I can’t be more proud for the person that you are and for the person that you are growing to be.

Darling, throughout our journey you have been everything and more that I have wanted in a man and in a husband. I know you love me no matter what we go through, how mad I can get at you, how annoyed I get, the hiccups we go through, the struggles we go through and so much more. Thank you for being strong when I have been weak, for sharing everything with me, for listening to me, for not shutting me out, for doing the chores, for building me up, for loving my family as your own, for believing in me, for helping me with my baggage, for helping me get back up when I am down, for not giving up on me, for seeing that I am not perfect but wanting to stick by me. Thank you babe for being there through everything.

Babe, I know that through everything we can trust and rely on God, we are able to come to Him whenever things happen. God can help us through everything that we go through. I know that things may be tough and things will change over time but we are able to rely on God and the plans that He has for us. I know God will keep us going when we are not able to keep on going, He will give us strength when we are weak, He will give us sleep when we are worn out and I am more than thankful to Him for bringing us together. I love you babe.

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