Blog 344: God’s gift of marriage

god in marriage

Some people get married and some people stay single but the important thing us that every life is a gift from God. Every relationship, every person, every child, every adult has been given a life that has been given by God and we should be blessed with the life that we are able to live. Some people have to work hard in their marriage but for other people it comes naturally to them. Whoever we are married to, no matter what age we get married it is a gift from God and we need to remember that. Every time we have a rough day we need to remember that God has given us the gift of marriage and our spouse is a blessing from God no matter what we think about them, however annoying they could be, no matter how we feel about them.

Some days in a marriage will be harder then others, we will have tough days, we will have days when we want to give up, we will have seasons in life that are harder than others but at the end of the day we are thankful for our spouses and all that they do for us. It is one of the greatest gifts that God could have ever given to us. Marriage was planned from the beginning, marriage was there when the first man and women walked the earth. It was Gods plan all along that a man would leave his parents and start a new life with his wife. It was at that point that marriage started in life and it was a blessing from God that we should be thankful for. Whatever our day holds we need to hold on to the fact that God created our spouse and they should be a blessing to us.

If we rely on the world and our spouse for our satisfaction then we will not be satisfied in anything. We find so many things in this world that we are proud such as our family, friends, our job, our house, our car, our money, but are we proud of knowing Jesus and His love for us? All of the above can satisfy us and our needs but do they actually make us feel better about ourselves?  If we were to loose our family, our friends, our job, our house, our car and our money would we still feel good about ourselves? I know that we would not be able to cope with what is going on and we would not feel blessed with the things that we have around. It is for this reason that we should not be able put all ‘our eggs in one basket’ because things go, things get damaged, things are not around forever and we cannot be satisfied by the objective things around us.

God created us to be satisfied in Him, in His love for us, in His power, in His beauty, in His word, in His creation and so much more. He should be the one that satisfies us and no one and nothing else should come between us and Him. We should rely on Him for everything in our life. Everything that we have in life is a gift from Him and that should be the same for our marriage, we should be thankful for the spouse that we have and for the gift that Jesus has given us. We may find our spouses annoying, they may make us frustrated, they may do things that tick us off, they may get on our nerves, they may not get us, they may not understand us but they are a gift from God and we should know that they are blessing from Him. We should know that we can sometimes get on their nerves but we can and should be a blessing for them.

In our everyday life we need to know that everything we have is a blessing from God, whether that is our family or our marriage. Everything that God gives us is a blessing and we should be thankful. I know that life can be full of other things, life can be full of other people but we need to focus on God and His love for us rather than the things that we are not able to have and the things that can annoy us. In our life we need to know that marriage is a gift from God and was here right at the beginning. Through our marriage we need to put God at the centre and He will be able to help us. If we do not do that then we will not have a good marriage and we will forget God in our marriage and that will be dangerous. In marriage do you know that God will bless you if you keep Him at the centre?

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