Blog 343: Life Killers

life killers

In life we get tired, we get exhausted, we get done with different things that happen in life and it can be hard. There are a lot of things in life that ‘kills’ us, we have work to do, we have jobs to attend, we have family to look after, we have children to care for, we have places to go, we have sickness to get over, we have houses to buy, we have cleaning to do, we have stress to deal with, we have so much in life that happens and we have to try and cope. We have to try and deal with all the things that life throws at us. However, there will be things that will be tough and we will ‘kill’ ourselves inside because of all the things that are going on, especially those things that we think we cannot change.

We all want to do something in our life, we all want to have expectations but sometimes they can be unrealistic. We expect life to give us things that we do not need, we want to have relationships that are not healthy for us and we have unreal expectations. We watch all the Hollywood movies and want our life to be like that but they are not real and it is not something that we should want. Throughout life things will be hard and we will have to get used to the life that we live. We need to know that different things happen in life and things will happen that will ‘kill’ us. We want things that we are not able to have because we are selfish. When we have unreal expectations of other people it can ‘kill’ us and the other person because we expect more from the other person when actually they are not able to. It can be a life ‘killer.’

As much as we we expect unrealistic things from other people there are other things and addictions that can be ‘life killers.’ It can be as small as being selfish to as large as cheating on your other half. Addiction to smoking can kill you, addiction to porn can destroy your marriage, addiction to gambling can make you poor, addiction to work can make you tired, addiction to your partner can be suffocating, addiction to anything can be hard and can it can be a life killer to both you, your family and your partner. As humans we tend to get attached to things that are not good for us and to things that we should not be part off. We need to learn how to deal with them and how to move on from them with or without other people and their help.

These life killers can be harmful and can effect everyday life no matter who we are and how old we are. These things can eventually kill us because they take to joy of our lives away, they take time away from the ones that we love and we need to put things in place to stop these things from happening. If that means we have to tell other people about what we struggle with then it is important to do so. We need to trust ourselves that we will be able to move on with these things and we will be able to have a better life. If we all work together then we can beat this and we are able to have a better life getting rid of the things that don’t help us with our life. With these ‘life killers’ they can be harmful and addictive and so we need to talk to other people about how it is affecting us and how it can take hold of our lives.

There are many things in life that can ‘kill’ us and that are bad for us. There are many things in life that will and can kill us. However, there is one major thing in life that will kill us. It will kill us no matter how well we live, no matter who we are friends with, no matter who our family are. We will all die someday but one day we can live forever. If we trust Jesus with our whole heart, with all our body, with everything breath then we are able to live forever, we are able to live with Jesus forever and nothing can get between us and kill us. If we trust Jesus in everything that we do and say we will live forever and we will forever be with Christ. What can be better in life than that?

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