Blog 342: Limited Teasing

limited teasing

How often do you tease your family? your partner? your friends? your children? We all love to tease other people and to make them laugh. It is so good to tease each other but there is a line that should not be crossed whether at home in private or out. We need to be careful about what we tease them about especially when it could be an ‘inside’ secret about our other half. In order to tease other people we need to be able to trust other people with all our inmost secrets. If we tease other people then we have to have loyalty between the two of you and know what is public and what is private. Teasing is a form of trust that should not be taken for granted.

We have all be to a family event where other people have verbally assassinated their other half. They have ridiculed their other half, they have teased them but in reality they have had an underlying meaning. It is sad that people cannot tease each other without being horrible and putting them down. We wives have a ‘look’ that we give our partners to show them that they have gone too far-it is sad that we have to have this ‘look’ rather than them knowing what they should or should not speak about. It is never enjoyable to see someone go over the ‘line’ of teasing, it can be awkward, it can be mean, it can horrible and it can even reduce the other person to tears. It is not worth teasing someone for you to be happy and have fun and them to be sad and destroyed. We need to limited our teasing so that our partners are still able to feel loved and accepted but they are also about to have fun and laughter too.

Teasing happens all the way through life, it starts of when we are young with our parents, we then have it with friends and then when we get into a relationship we have teasing too! Teasing is fun, teasing is good, teasing is emotional and we have to make sure that we tease the people that we know and that we have a good relationship with and who we love. In order to tease each other we need to know each other really well, we need to know what ticks the other person off, what makes the other person laugh, what makes the other person scared, what helps the other person, we need to know the other person really well. We need to appreciate those people around us who tease us because we are able to trust them, we are able to tell them our secrets.

I am so thankful for those people that are around me that are able to tease me, I am thankful that I am able to tease other people that trust me. I am thankful for those people who are able to know the ‘line’ that they should not go past, they know how far they can go before I get upset and that they do make me laugh. I am so blessed to have people around me and they love me for who I am. I do not need to change. I do not need to be someone who I am not. I do not need to be teased so that I am upset. I know that I am loved for who I am. They have been times when I have been teased but it ended up being bullying, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know that I was bullied, to begin with I thought it was teasing but looking back I know it was bullying. It was hard because people went too far with their teasing and it broke me, it made me feel worthless, it made me feel stupid, it made me feel unaccepted and it was hard.

I know that throughout life their will be teasing and mostly it will make me laugh but I also know that it it part of life. I also know that many people through life will tease me because I am not what they think I am, they want to change me but I am who I am and I am proud of it. I am so blessed to have family and friends around me but I also know that God is fully in control of my life. He knows what things hurt me, He knows what things I find tough, He knows what I am feeling and I am so grateful that I am able to go to Him when things do get hard. I am so blessed by His love for me.

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