Blog 341: We are different

we are different

Can you imagine if we were all the same? Life would be so boring, we would all have the same hair, the same coloured hair, the same personalities, the same hobbies, the same ideas, the same development, the same physical body, we would live in a very boring world with very boring people because we would all be the same. Can you imagine going into a school and seeing all the children look the same, act the same way, speak the same way and behave the same way? This may be good if it was all good things but I am so thankful that we are different, we were all created different for a reason, we were all created to look different, to act different, to think different and it is such a blessing and we should be thankful. Men and women, apart from the obvious are created differently, men have more muscles, women are weaker, men can only think of one thing, women can think of many, men can sit for ages without saying a word, women like to talk to the world and his wife.

Thank goodness we are all different, can you imagine having all men in the world? That would be a lot of men and strength but also imagine if we had a lot of women in the world, that would be a lot of emotions are arguments. Thank goodness we have a mixer of the two and we are different, we are different people, we come from different backgrounds, we have different parents, we have different hobbies, it would be boring if we all did and liked the same think. Not only this but imagine if we all thought the same way? Men would do one thing at a time and women would have so many things on the go it would cause chaos! The more we are able to understand other people the more we are able to live our lives peacefully and without any harm being done to each other-this will take time and we will need to learn about other people and there differences, not just our own. It will be hard but you will learn so much about other people if you are patient and want to learn more about them.

Men and women, no matter what way you look at it were created for different needs, we were created to be different, to act different, to speak differently and to have different hormones and hobbies go around. It is because of the misunderstanding between sexes that we are not able to fully understand each other, we are not fully able to understand what men have in their minds and cannot understand why women can get emotional over the small things. We are different and it is a good job that we are. Men and women, the way you were born, is the way you will be for the rest of your life. You may try and change the way you look and develop but what you were born as is what you will always be and that will not change. We were created for different purposes and we all have different needs, depending on our sex and the environment that we are in.

Women are known for wanting to talk and have a conversation but men want quite so that they are able to think. Women want to trust him but he needs an attractive wife. Men and women want similar but totally different things and that is perfectly fine. It is due to these differences that we can get annoyed with our men and vise versa. We think he is ignoring us when actually he is just thinking about things, he needs to have intimacy to connect emotionally when we just need a hug. We all have different ways to connect to the people we love and it can and will be hard to understand it if words are not spoken, as much as we would like it we are not able to read each others brains-we have to talk about how we are feeling and how we can feel more loved by our partner.

We should all be thankful that we are created all differently. We are all made in the image of God but we have different interests, we have different needs, we have different hair styles, we have different thoughts, we have different strengths, we have different families, we have different traditions, we have different cultures, how amazing. It is through all of this that we are able to learn about each other and about the amazing God we have that he has made us all the same but we are all totally different and unique.

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