Blog 340: 70-30


A relationship is said to be about giving half and accepting half but newsflash sadly or not so sadly it is not! Every relationship should be 70% to 30%. We should give 100% in our relationship but in reality with life going on we will only give some of that and we should give 70% energy and expect 30% back. That way we are able to be happy in the relationship that we are in and both parties are making a lot of effort and not just a little bit. Being in a relationship is about putting other people first and not just what we want, it is about thinking about the others persons feelings, their desires, their needs and their thoughts and not just ours. A relationship, no matter what time it is we need to give more than 50% to other people. This can include our time, our words, our actions and more.

In every relationship we all have needs and wants but it is about putting the needs and wants of the other person before our own. When we look at ourselves we are very selfish people and want things that are good for us and not other people. In every family and relationship we should have a leader, the man and a follower, the women. The ladies need to submit to the man and the man needs to lead their wives in the way of the Lord and the way that is good for the family. This will mean that some days are harder than others but if you give over 50% of yourself to the other person and expect less back then your relationship will be better because of it. To begin with it will be hard but the more you practice the more it will be better for both of you.

A husband should put the needs of his family above his own, this may mean to the point of death! This does not give him licence to become a slave owner or abuse his partner but it means that not only should he think about himself but also the people around him and the people that he is leading. We all need a leader in our lives and it should be our husbands, we should submit to them and their authority over us and they should love us with more than over 50% of ourselves. If we love the other person with more that 50% of ourselves, such as 70% and we should expect 30% back and then we will not be disappointed. There will be times when we fail in our marriage and we fail in the way that we love the other person but they will be willing to forgive because they are giving more than 50% of themselves.

There will be times when we will find it hard to give our partner the attention they need, the love they need, the acceptance we need because life will get in the way and life will be hard. It will be hard to love ourselves the way we should let alone to love other people in the way that we should. Loving and accepting someone for who they are will be hard, we all have things that we want to change about other people and we want them to be better but do we look at ourselves and think about the things that we want to change about us. We may want to be more kind, we may want to be more loving, we may want to be more attentive, we may want to be a better listener, we may want to be more patient, we may want to improve ourselves before we want to try and change other people and the way that we think they should love and care for us.

As much as we try and love other people the way that we should it will not always be easy because people do let us down and we think they may or may not deserve our love and care. However, there is One who gives 100% to us, One who gave 100% of His life, One who died 100% and that is Jesus. Jesus died for us so that we are able to love other people, He died for us so that we can believe in Him, He loved us first so that we are able to love other people no matter what they are or who how they act towards us. We should be wholly grateful and blessed that He does not just give us a little of his love but He gives us 100%- no one else in this world would do this for you.

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