Blog 339: Split Families

split families

It is so sad that this society that we live in is full of so many split families. It is so sad that so many families don’t have their fathers around, it is so sad that so many families don’t have their mothers around, it is so sad that so many people are split from those who they love. It is so sad to see but how did we get here and how are there so many people and families that are split. It seems that so many people have lost the love for their families and they feel that they produce and run but other people do try and stay in contact with their children but because of certain situations they are not able to. In the UK the statistics for single parent families if crazy:

– 16% of children live in a split family homes

-6 of 10 women’s remarriages end up in blended families

This should be shocking, there are so many split families in this country but even more across the world and we should be saddened by what has happened in the world! So many men are leaving their families and have lost contact with those that they have created and those that they love. We have all been made by God and we should use the gifts that He has given us whether we are male or female. God created us in His image and we should use this to help other people and for them to keep with their families.

Sadly men have given up the calling that God has given them, they are to be the leader of the family, they are to keep on going even when things do get hard, they are to keep on going no matter what they feel. Sadly so many women have be let down by so many men that they have had to step into the role of being a man in the family. They have to be the mother and father in their family, they have to do twice the amount of work, they have to do twice as much leading, they have to take on two persons responsibilities and it can and will be hard. When you throw everyday life into a family it can be even harder, there are so many things that parents have to go through in their life but when they are the only person to lead the family it can be hard.

No women is more important than a man because God made the man to be the leader of the family and he needs to take that responsibility no matter how hard it is. If you were boss of a company and it is a bit hard you would not walk out but you would keep on going. That is the same as having a family, just because the choices get hard don’t give up but instead keep on going and keep on relying on God to get you through each day. You may have problems in your relationship but hold tight, if you put God at the front of your relationship then He will be able to help you to keep on going and to support you family.

A lot of women want a man who is able to lead, who is able to support and who is able to provide for their family. The only way that they can do this is to trust God fully and to work on the characteristics that God has given them. God asks men to lay down their lives for their brides, this may not mean literally but this will mean emotionally, physically and mentally. Men are to love their ladies as God loves us, He puts us first, He thinks about our feelings, He wants the best for us. The moment that we do not do that is the time that we are not living a God-filled life. This is the time when we need to turn back to God and ask for His forgiveness.

Ladies out their, your men are going to make mistakes, your men are going to have it tough but don’t nag, don’t let them get down but instead encourage them and keep on going knowing that they are doing their best for you. If they frustrate or annoy you then talk to them, keep the communication in a calm way but most of all pray for them. Being a human is hard but don’t give up on your families and be another split family in the world. Hopefully over time, with Gods help we will be able to get these numbers down.

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