Blog 338: Respecting my husband

respect your husband

I love my husband, I really do but does my actions always show it? I am ashamed to say this but I think not! Sometimes I don’t listen to him, I annoy him, I distrust him, I aggravate him, I stress him out, I don’t clean up after myself, I am tired, I am grumpy, I have emotions running all over the place and it can be ‘that’ time. However this does not give me any excuse not to respect him. He is the one who provides for me, he is the one who is head over me, he is the one who keeps a roof over my head, he is the one who keeps me going when I am emotional and all I need to really do is to respect Him and His feelings. No matter what life throws at me I need to respect Him and know that He is head of the family and He will guide me in the right way to go with Gods help.

I know that I may not respect my husband all the time but how am I meant to show it to him? Well I need to believe him. I need to believe that He is doing the right things for both me and my family, I need to believe that he is making the right choices and I support him even if I may not agree with them I need to know that what he is doing is what he thinks is best for both me and our children when they come along. If men have the support of their wives then they feel that they are able to conquer the world because they have their women by their side and nothing can be better than that! They always say two is better than one and that is true with a marriage!

Not only should we respect our wives we need to believe in him as well as encourage him. Men have it hard! They have to be the head of the family, they have to take choices that they may not like, they have to lead us,. they have to provide for us and it can be hard work! The poor men in our lives! It is crucial for us to encourage them in all the things that they have to do and not only to nag them. We as women as easy to nag our partners and not to build them up and we have to change that, even if we encourage them in something small, don’t do it too over the top but keep their encouragement meter full. If you do this then they will feel better about themselves and then in turn feel better about you and will be able to support you more. If we encourage him then they are able to encourage us back which will be amazing!

Do you remember that time when you first fell in love with what is now your husband? You wanted him with you, you desired him, you wanted to love him, you wanted to be with him all the time and you need to keep that alive in your marriage now. It doesn’t matter how long you have been married, whether it be 2 years or 70 years you need to desire you husband and keep the spark alive in your relationship. Women should only have eyes for their husbands, not their friends partner, not their friend but their own husband! They should desire their husband more than anything in the world, not only when you are in the mood but also when he is in the mood too. It may be hard but with prayer you will be able to get there.

Not only should you respect your husband or encourage him or desire him but we also need to pray for them. No one will be able to help us with our husband other than God. God will help us love our husband and desire him. When we want to nag our husband we need to breath and pray that God will help us to come out with encouraging words and not nagging ones. When we want to be alone we need to pray that God will help us to desire our husband because He made us together and you are married to the man that God wants you to be married too. Whatever God has joined together no man will separate but we need to make sure that God is in the centre of our marriage and our family. Without him nothing will be possible.

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