Blog 337: Mens biggest temptation

mens temptation

I do not need to go into the genetically side of things as this is obvious but men are different from women, men learn differently, they think differently, they act differently, they have different emotions, they speak differently, they have different physical things, their body is built differently. Men and women are different and we should be thankful, can you imagine us all being the same-it would be so boring and we would get on each others nerves all the time! I am so thankful that we have men in our life that we can rely and trust but it can be hard too. You all have temptations but for some men they are stronger than others. For some it may be computer games, shopping, buying more cars, drinking down at the pub, going out with mates and so much more.

Many men do different things that can tempt but I saw a statistic the other day that said that 93% of men do some sort of pornography in their life. This can be destroying not only to them but to their relationships, to their families, to their lives, to their children and to their wives. It can be heartbreaking to know that as wives and families you are not good enough and you are not able to satisfy our partners in that sexual way. So many people but more men struggle with this type of thing and it should not be taken lightly, it is not something that should be hidden away. The sad thing is with all the technology in the world men can access it with one click and that one click can be fatal to any relationship whether it be with family or your spouse. Sadly is destroys so many marriages because the women does not think that they are not enough, they do not think their husband loves them because they have gone elsewhere to full-fill them and have not come to them. However pornography is full of lies and here are the top two:

1) It doesn’t hurt anyone. Not only does it hurt you but it hurts the person on the internet and your family. The person on the other side of the screen has to go through certain actions so that you are able to be satisfied and that is not good for them. Not only are you hurting that person on the other side but you are also telling your spouse that they are not good enough and you could do life without them which is heartbreaking. Can you imagine if you chose porn over them and didn’t tell them? That is exactly what you are doing, you just aren’t doing the latter!

2) I still get satisfied by my partner so it is okay. This is wholly not true at all and should not be taken as truth. Pornography will not and is not something that you should turn to whether or not you get satisfied by your partner. It is something that should be kept between two married people, a man and a women, just as God designed a marriage to be. It is something that is special and should be kept until the wedding night and not before. This action should show the passion between a man and a women and the relationship and the intimacy that they are able to share as a married couple and not with anyone else on of off the computer whether or not they feel like they just need a break. When you partake in these actions you are giving part of yourselves away because it is such a beautiful and God given thing that you should only want to have this type of intimacy and love with your partner and not someone one the other side of the screen, it is not healthy for you and it is not healthy for other people either.

Through this act of selfishness and you wanting what you want you are destroying your relationship not only with your partner but with God too. You are not relying on Him to bring you a partner where you can be intimate, you are not trusting that God knows what He is doing with your life, you are not believing that God can help you say no. At first it can be hard to put it to one side and it can be hard not to go on the computer and to think about it and act on it but through Gods strength alone we are able to do this. We can pray to God and He will put godliness and strength in our heart to be able to help you not to be tempted by it. It will be hard but God will and can help if you turn to Him.

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