Blog 336: Laughter through life

laugh through life

We all know that laughter is the best medicine! We know that laughter can help with stress, it can help with anxiety, it can help with hurt, it can help in so many ways and we should not take it for guarantee. It is something that has been given to us and we can use so many things in our life to laugh at and with. We can use laughter to help us keep on going when things get hard and when we are going through tough times either with our family, friends or work. Throughout life we have all heard or been part of some funny stories and it can really help if the atmosphere is low or we are not able to be happy. I am thankful that I have been able to have a family that has helped me to laugh through the hard and easy things in life.

Sometimes instead of laughing you have tears in your eyes, instead of laughing you are angry, instead of laughing you are thinking about the hard things you are missing, instead of laughing you are worrying, instead of laughing you are crying. I don’t know why it is but toddlers and young children have a habit of making you cry when you are sad. I don’t know how they pick up on the emotion or how they can come out with a classic line but it does always lighten the mood and help us to feel so much better about the situation that we are in. I remember when I was young my brother would come out with, ‘charming, another one is coming charming.’ It was at the weirdest times and it seemed that those words would make anyone life. We all need someone in our life who is able to help us to keep on going and to keep our smile on our face even when things do get hard.

However, there will be times in our life when we will find it hard to laugh, we will find it hard when someone has been taken down with an illness, when someone has been injured, when someone is hurt, when someone has lost a job, when someone is anxious, it will be these times when it will be hard to laugh but most of all to keep on going. Not matter what life throws at us, good or bad, we will have times when all we can do is cry, we will not be able to laugh through situations. Mainly because it is inappropriate or it is too sad to do so. When someone has passed away it will be hard to keep that smile on our face but we can laugh at the memories they have left behind. When someone has lost their job we can laugh at the mistakes that have happened. When someone has been sick we can laugh at how the medication made them. However we all have to do this in time and for some people it will take longer than others and we need to respect and help them through their non-laughing time.

There will also be seasons in our laugh that we can look back and laugh at the situations we were in or the things that our children have said to us. If you ever need a pick me up go and borrow a child! They will be able to make you laugh and forget about your worries in no time. Children as so innocent, they want to grow up but they don’t know that in doing so they will become boring and loose their laughter! Yesterday, today or tomorrow when you are not laughing think of things that we better than the situation that you are in right now, think of those things you did when you were a child, think of those people that make you laugh and be thankful that you are able to laugh because of the country and culture you are in.

For some people their laughter has been taken away from them at a very young age and it is so sad, it is so sad to see children not knowing what laughter is, it is so sad for us to see people who are not able to laugh because they are not relaxed. A lot of people see the world as it is and it is hard for them because they cannot see a future and way out. However, if we trust in Jesus then we are able to laugh, we are able to be joyful and we are able to keep on going because He has died for us and we can have a better future with Him. We do not need to be fearful of what is to come because He has dealt with all of that.

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