Blog 335: Stay faithful

stay faithful

There are so many temptations in life that it is hard to stay faithful to anyone and anything, we want to have a better job so we go and look for a better one, we want to have a better marriage so we go and look for someone else, we want to have better friends so we are willing to toss ours to one side. We always want what we are not able to have and think that the grass is greener on the other side. We are always tempted to have the things that we cannot have and it is hard to stay faithful, whether that be in our marriage or in our job. We all find it hard to be faithful because we are sinful people and we always want something that we are not able to have. We always want to have something that other people have because think it is better than what we have.

In everything that we do we need to stay faithful and it can be hard. As it is in any path of life it can also be hard in our marriage too no matter who we are married to. We are to have a pure and faithful relationship to one partner, to the person that we are committed to or the person that we are married to an no one else. We all need to take steps to make sure that our relationships are protected and we are able to be and stay faithful to the ones that we love. We may think when we start our relationship everything will be good and we will enjoy it but actually when trials and troubles come will you still be by their side? Will you be tempted to do something else? Will you want to be with someone else? Will you be willing to keep on going? How will you make sure that you are not tempted by the things that you cannot have?

At the very beginning of any relationship you need to put things in place to make sure that you can stay faithful to your family and the one that you have decided to be in a relationship with. Have the talk behind closed doors, just you and your partner, keep those rules that you make so then there will be no temptation and no potential to mess up and break your relationship. It is good to be able to make sure that you are not with the opposite sex or take trips with co-workers or have the doors closed when you are with someone who is not your partner. Whatever you do keep to those guidelines and be comfortable with the choices that you have both made. If you do not feel good about it or something in your relationship then bring them up and talk about them because then it will be out in the open.

It will also mean that nothing will build up and then blow over-always keep the lines of communication open and it will be better for both of you. You do not want things to get to a point that you cannot talk about things or you feel fearful of something that you have done. If you have not kept a marriage rule then go straight to your partner and talk to them about it, it will be good for both of you to talk to things through and keep everything open in your relationship. No matter what happens in your relationship your partner should love you through everything but that is only if you keep the communication route open. You love your partner and your partner loves you which is really important and nothing should get in the way of it.

No matter what goes on in your marriage you need to keep everything open and talk about everything even if it is uncomfortable. There is nothing to be uncomfortable about as long as you really love the other person you are able to get through anything and everything. The only way that we can get through life and to be able to understand our other partner and their flaws is through Gods Grace. We are not able to get through anything without Gods grace and His love that we are able to show to other people especially to other people. It is because of Gods grace that we are able to love and forgive other people and we are use to use His strength to be faithful to our partner no matter what life throws at us.

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