Blog 334: Women need a man

women need a man

No matter how we think about it every women needs a man in their lives. Every daughter needs their father in their life, every lady needs someone that they can turn to who is not a female. When we are children we need our dads there to protect us and to look after us, as we get older we need our fathers to guide us through dating and our love life. As we get married and a lot older they need to be there to turn too, they need to be there to help us as we have our own children and need support. Men have been made for us and we have been made for them. We each need to support each other in the things that we do and the life that we live. In life women need men in their life and we constantly need things from them. Here are some of my thoughts for those people who are in a marriage:

1) Let your wife spend time with you. A lot of women love to have a heart to heart and it can take a lot out of our men! We are emotional creatures, we put our heart on our sleeves and sometimes our husband find it tiring! As husbands take time each day where your wife can talk to you, they can talk about anything and everything. What a wonderful thing that we are able to have someone in our life that we can turn to and we are able to talk to them about our feelings, our dreams, our fears, our thoughts, our days and so much more. The more time you spend with your wife you will be able to get to know her more, you will be able to understand her more, you will be able to put her first in your life. However, as much as she shares with you, you need to have time to share with her as well. Have a regular time each week where you are able to talk to each other and to re-connect again.

2) Let her have some girls night out and have a break. Being a women can be hard, we have so many responsibilities, we have to care for the children, we have to keep the house going, we have to keep everyone fed and cleaned and so the best time we can have is to have time out and to have time with our family and friends. Our men can help us with this because they can help us to go out with people who we love and to get a break away from the house. It may be hard when you don’t see each other all the time but let her have a night out and to support her having time with friends, if she can’t go out then let her have her girlfriends over to yours. Let her keep connected with those people who she had before she got married. Just because she is married doesn’t mean she has to get rid of all of her previous life.

3) Keep the romance alive. Being married can get into an automatic cycle, we get into a normal routine and sometimes it is hard to keep the romance alive. Sometimes it is nice if you come home from work and cook dinner for your wife, maybe even just run her a bath. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to take loads of time but just keep the romance alive. Have regular date nights and do shared activities. You are married to that person and not just coming in and out of the house when you have time, it may be good to have one day a month that you set aside so that you both know that you are able to have a date night then. Life can take over and it is important that we dfo not let it.

It is important that both men and women have support from each other. As much as women need men, men need women and that is why God has given us each other, that is why God created a marriage between one man and one women, that is why God created Adam and Eve because one was a man and one was a women. God knew what He was doing and we need to trust Him that He knows what is going to happen in our lives. God is in control of the small things and the large things in our life but in order to do that we have to trust in Him. Today lets be thankful for our husbands and those men in our lives.

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