Blog 333: Our wedding not going to plan

not going to plan

It started of with my bridesmaid from USA, not being able to fly, then our family from around the world not being able to come, our honeymoon was then cancelled, the reception venue then cancelled on us, the date had to be changed, the government telling all over 70s that they had to self-isolate, churches having to close, our wedding cake had to be cancelled. It was hard to keep on going. Everyday for about a week we kept having bad news, we kept having to change our plans, we kept having to do something else, we kept having disappointments, to say I shed a few tears was an understatement, it was hard. It was hard to see my bridesmaid first drop out, then our family and then different things after that. We had spent so much effort, money and energy to plan our perfect wedding that when the plans changed and we had to do something different it was hard. It was hard to comprehend what was going on and how to keep on going as well as to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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