Our wedding not going to plan

not going to plan

How do you plan a wedding when things do not go to plane? How do you plan a wedding when things get cancelled? What do you do when all venues get cancelled and closed? How do you cope when things get tough? When we were planning our wedding little did we know that the whole world would be gripped with the corona-virus, little did we know that our venues would be postponed, little did we know that we would have to have a much smaller wedding, little did we know that so many people would not be able to join us, little did we know that all our planning would be turned upside down and things would have to change! It was a hard few months of trying to come up with different plans, to make different people happy but most of all to know that we will be getting married at some point! It is hard to plan a wedding anyway but with the turmoil of the virus and different places closing it was even harder to get everything done.

It started of with my bridesmaid from USA, not being able to fly, then our family from around the world not being able to come, our honeymoon was then cancelled, the reception venue then cancelled on us, the date had to be changed, the government telling all over 70s that they had to self-isolate, churches having to close, our wedding cake had to be cancelled. It was hard to keep on going. Everyday for about a week we kept having bad news, we kept having to change our plans, we kept having to do something else, we kept having disappointments, to say I shed a few tears was an understatement, it was hard. It was hard to see my bridesmaid first drop out, then our family and then different things after that. We had spent so much effort, money and energy to plan our perfect wedding that when the plans changed and we had to do something different it was hard. It was hard to comprehend what was going on and how to keep on going as well as to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

We knew that we wanting to go ahead with the wedding on 4th April but to come up with all the things that were going on was hard. It was hard to see what we needed and what we didn’t need, it was hard to see people being let down, it was hard to postpone the event when so many people were looking forward to it. It was hard in so many ways but we were able to come through it. The main issue was that the government was changing there advice all the time as to what we can and can’t do that it was hard to keep up to date and get specific plans in place. It was hard to be able to keep on going each day and to know that everything would be okay even when the engorgement was changing their plans all the time.

We knew that we were going to be getting married on 4th April but it was hard to know who we could have there, where we would have it and how long it would be. It ended up being that we would have to change our venue as the church was closed, we were not able to have our extended family and our grandparents there because of isolation. It was hard to know that we were going to be getting married but not having all the people we love there. The whole time leading up to it and the day was hard but it was a real blessing that we were able to marry each other. We have each waited for the day for a very long time and so to get married was amazing.

It was hard and we had to change a lot of plans but we know that God was in control, God knew what He was doing, God knew how we would be feeling. It was a very emotional time but God was able to lead us through this time and His plans came right in the end. We know that through everything that God was in control and He knew what He had planned for out lives. There was a lot of clouds in this part of our lives but we have ti find the silver lining, We were able to get dressed up twice, I was able to wear my wedding dress twice, we were able to go on two mini-moons and we were able to celebrate twice. It was amazing how God made everything come together and we were and are so thankful for all the love and support that people have shown us.

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