Blog 331: You have a choice

We all share the same spaces, the bus, the train, the station, the living room, on social media, reading this blog, sitting on the sofa, eating breakfast, getting the bins in, reading the paper, getting some milk, heading to the shops. Wherever we are in the world we all seem to have the same routine and the same feelings. The feelings can be the same but extreme, we all have breakfast but different types, we all try and work but in different places, we have a commute to work but to different places, we have children but different ages, we have somewhere to live but at different sides of the world, we have a community but filled with different people, we have a walk in life but with different experiences. We all have things that make our day different from the person that sits next to us or we work with. We all have things that can make us happy, sad, angry and confused and it is a natural part of life.

It is easy to get bogged down with different problems, from work to family, from personal things to public things. It is easy to be filled with worry, fear, anger, happiness that our days can just fly by with feeling so many different emotions and not knowing which way to turn. We worry about our children, about our work, our personal life, our housing situation, the bills we have to pay, getting up on time, the homework we have to do, the people we have to see, the meetings we have to go to but we also worry about our future. We worry about what will happen when we pass away, what school our children will go to, whether we should leave our jobs, how to pay of the mortgage, organising our diaries, trying to sort our and our friends problems, the holiday to go on, the money in the bank, the presents that we have to by. Life jut seems to be full of worry but we have a choice to wake up positive or to be negative.

Planning more than one thing a day overwhelms me and makes me scared of the things that will come up. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, to wash my hair, to take my tablets, to get the shopping let alone to plan things for the future. So many people are good with planning things but I find it hard and it is hard for my head to get around. For some people just getting through the day can be a hard task ahead, it can be exhausting and hard work. If I am able to get up and ‘have a day’ than I feel proud of myself. At the beginning of each day though I have a choice to make, do I want to have a productive day or do I just want to laze around, do I want to be in a good mood or a bad on, will I try and be energetic or tired. No matter what time we get up in the morning or what our day looks like we all have a choice to make and that is to use the day to Gods glory or nor.

Some days are really hard, the fact that I have nightmares in the night means that I am not then rested during the day and feel tired. My dreams are so vivid that I have to see whether they are real and whether they have actually happened in my life. It is such a weird thing. Every morning I have a choice of how I feel. I can either wake up and feel joy or wake up and feel sad, frightened and scared. I have a choice whether or not to have a positive attitude and you do too! We all have a choice as to how we are going to make the day work and how we will feel at the end of it- will we try and make it a good day or a bad day?

Everyday can be a hard thing to do but I know that God will help me through each day and He will give me the strength to do so. Joy and happiness is a gift from God and can’t  be taken away from me or you. If you choose to feel joy then you need to see through that in the day. I know that whether I can get through the day or not God will encourage me through His word and He will help me to keep on going, even when times do get tough.

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