Blog 329: Private and Privacy


Having your relationship and marriage private and having some privacy are totally different things. It is important to have privacy in your marriage, to keep things to yourself, to keep things between you and your partner but to keep it private is another thing. Talking about your relationship details and talking about your relationship are totally different things. It is good to be private about your relationship but don’t be private about your partner and spouse. It is important to talk about things and especially to be able to talk to each other about how you are feeling, what you want from life, how your day has been and so much more. It is good to talk to other people about your partner but you need to know what to and not to say to other people about your relationship. Keep somethings between you and your partner-not everyone needs to know your intimate details.

You need to keep the trust going in your relationship so put a wall around your relationship but with a wall so people can come and go in your life. Talk to your partner about your emotions, how you interacted with people around you, how well you get on with the opposite sex, who you work with and so much more. It is important to put guidelines in place to know that you are able to trust each other and to know that your marriage is important to each other. Some of the rules that we have put in place is not going for lunch with coworkers unless with a group, don’t travel with another single person, keep doors open when you are on your own with someone else, don’t have a single person of the opposite sex in your house on your own. These things are all important to every relationship and if there are things that you have not talked about then you need too.

Listen to each others concerns, believe in your other half, keep the lines of communication open, know what the boundaries are and keep them in place no matter what happens in life. There will be times when you will be tempted to do other things but keep your life private but not your other half. Let people know that you are happily married or in a happy relationship, the more people who know this will back of and don’t be over friendly to other people. We always want things that we are not able to have and that is why we should not keep our other halves private but we should keep our intimate details private. Not just because they are intimate but because it does not need to be said, think about your other half when things are said and who you are talking too.

I have been told so many times not to be private but sometimes it is good but not in keeping certain things private. There are certain things that are best kept private and there are certain things that can be said. You would not go down the village giving out the details of your address and bank card and so think about what you say to other people about your family and spouse. The more you talk about them the more detail other people have, the more you will get comfortable with other people, the more other things will look attractive, the more you will be drawn to things that you are not able to have. Think about what you are saying, whether it is something private and whether it is helpful for your relationship and to build up your other half.

We should not talk to anyone about everything that is going on in our lives but we can talk to God, we can tell Him how we are feeling, we can tell Him how much our spouse means to us, we can tell Him what we feel we need to work on, we can tell Him anything that is on our mind, we can tell Him anything and we do not need to be judged by it because He will help us. He will help us to be better people and to care and love our partners more than we do now. God created us to love other people and not to judge and not to be tempted by other things that come our way. God will be able to keep our mouths shut when they need to be and He will open them when we need to talk. God is all powerful and He is one thing that we should not close our mouth about.

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