Blog 327: Wedding anniversary


Two years ago yesterday we had planned to have our wedding day with family and friends around to watch us get married. I now know that this would not happen but this is how I felt on my wedding day 3 month, 2 days and 2 hours later. I woke up not knowing what the day would hold, I didn’t know how the day would pane out, I didn’t know whether I had done everything right, I didn’t know whether all the plans would work out, I didn’t know what married life would consist off, I didn’t know what our honeymoon would be like, I didn’t know what our married day would entail. I knew that this would be the best day of our lives, the day when we get married, the day when we commit to each other for life, the day when nothing would pull us apart, the day when many people see us say our vows to each other. I am so thankful that we could have this day and the memories that we are able to have because of it. It was such a special day and for all the time I am alive I will look back to it as fond memories and gratefulness that I got married to the best man I could ever have.

We were two different people coming together to be married and to start our family and married life together. I fell in love with my husband because you loved your family, your friends and God. It was two years ago that we were married and what two years they have been. I am so blessed to be able to have the last two years with my husband and the adventures and memories that we have been able to go through. My husband is still a kid at heart but I would have it no other way. He is amazing and I love the fact that he is still a child because he has a ‘way’ with children that no other person I know has. He is such an amazing person and I am so blessed that I have been able to have the last two years with him and I look forward to many more years together. There will be more years together and more years to grow and develop with each other.

I know that being married is hard work and I know that we have been through our ups and downs in the last two years but I am so grateful that I would not have it with anyone else. As I look back at our wedding photos it was such a blur and there was so much going on that it is beautiful to look back at the photos and to see everyone who supported and loved us-I didn’t know that we had so many people in our lives that want the best for us. Looking back sadly some of those people have passed away, some of those people have moved away but I am so blessed that they were able to come to such a special day for us. I know that  throughout the day I was on adrenaline and looking back now I remember how most things went but I don’t fully remember all the details and so it is great to be able to look back and to be able to see what the day held.

When I took my vow I promised to love, honour, cherish and obey and I still stick by those today. I know that there will be times when it is hard to do all these things but I know that God will give us each the strength to keep on going. I know that when I fail to love my husband He will love me back. I know that when I don’t honour him he will help me to better and he will respect me for who I am. I know that he will cherish me no matter what life throws at us and I will try through everything to cherish him with every bone of my body. I know that I will try my best to obey him but I know sometimes it will be hard and sometimes I will struggle to do the things that I need to do. I am so blessed that I am able to have someone supportive beside me to help me grow and develop.

In these last two years I am so blessed to be married, I am so blessed to have a man beside me helping me all the way. I am blessed that God has been able to help me, I am blessed that God has provided for me, I am blessed that God is everything that I need. I am so blessed to have an awesome husband by my side. I know that through different things and different changes God will help us. God will continue to help us to put other people especially my husband first.

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