Blog 325: What is Love

what is love

Everybody in their lives need love, whether that is from our parents, from our guardians or from our spouse, we all need love. Love is a great and beautiful thing but it can be imperfect and it can be hard. We do so many things for our loved ones but we can forget the little things and it is okay. We do the big things for our loved ones but we can forget the small things. We pay the bills but forget to take the bins out, we phone our loved ones but forget its our anniversary, we rock the baby to sleep but don’t change the dirty diaper, we write love letters but forget to wash the sideboard, we receive flowers but forget to plug in our partners phone in to charge. Love is a strange thing but it is such a wonderful thing too.

Love tries, love conquers, love is forgiving, love is forgetful, love is forgiving, love is understanding, love is supporting, love is beautiful, love is real, love changing, love is accepting, love is a choice, love is compromising, love is necessary, love is working hard, love is keeping on going, love is working hard. We try and love but we will fail and that is okay as we will love and will continue to love the person who is special in our life. We will get away with things with people that truly love us but we need to try and love those people and not just take them for granted. We forgive our loved one before they ask for it because we want to be better. Its not that we should not say sorry, we should but we should be humble when we go and say sorry, we will hurt our partners and those people we love but if we are ready to say sorry then it will be better and we will feel better too. There will be many times when we are forgetful, we forget things that we have to do in our everyday life and so it is easy to forget how to show love to those people around us.

It is easy to forget that they asked us to do something, that they asked us to remind them of, that they asked us to think about and we forget. We forget that we have an extra special person in our lives. You know the best thing though, the other person can forgive and we can forgive other people too. Do you remember the last time you had an argument with your partner? The answer is probably not, you have forgiven your partner and they have forgive you too. You are able to move on because forgiveness is a big thing in your relationship. You both need to forgive and move on and not hold a grudge. It will be hard to forgive at first but we can work on it and we are able to understand each others weaknesses. We are able to understand that not all things are easy, we are able to understand that we need to be patient with each other.

Love is understanding and we will learn how to understand the other person. We will understand that when they are tired they don’t want to talk, they want their tea extra hot, they know you get cranky when you are hungry, they laugh at your jokes when they are lame, they understand when you just want to chill, they understand when things are hard, they understand when you want ‘me’ time. Love is all about understanding the other person and their feelings. I am so thankful that I have an amazing husband to understand me and who understands everything. He doesn’t judge me for my love handles, he doesn’t judge me for my stretch marks, he doesn’t judge me when I am tired and I am so thankful that he doesn’t.

I know that my husband loves more than anything, my husband knows how I feel, he knows what love is and I am so thankful for him and his love. However, as much as he loves me I know that sometimes he will fail, I know that sometimes he will not forget, I know that sometimes he will not do things that I would like. However I still love him and I still want to spend time with him. That is just how God sees us. We are sinful people, we forget to spend time with Him, we fail Him, we do things that He does not like but you know what His love will never fail us and He will continue to love us through the ups and downs of life.

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