Blog 324: To our Mums

to mum

In three days time we will be celebrating mothers day and I am so proud to have two mums to my name. I have an awesome mother and an incredible mother-in-law and I am so blessed to have both of them in my life. I am so grateful and bless to have both these wonderful woman in my life. One of them has been my mother for so long and now I have a mother-in-law that I can rely on and who bought up the best man that I can now call my husband. I appreciate these two women in my life and all that they have done for both my husband and his siblings as well as me and my siblings. I know that life would not be the same without them. I am so blessed to have wonderful examples in my life.

My mum has been amazing, my mum is one of a kind, my mum has been patient, my mum has been a listener, my mum has been there to talk to, my mum has been there to hug, my mum has been there to lean on, my mum has still loved me through the hard times, my mum has been the one I turn too, my mum has been incredible, my mum is beautiful, my mum is headstrong, my mum works hard, my mum is precious, my mum loves, my mum wears her heart on her sleeve, my mum is awesome, my mum is a blessing, my mum cares, my mum is kind, my mum is gentle, my mum is my rock, my mum is my mum and I am blessed to be able to call her my mum.

My Mother-in-law is so special too, for starters she gave birth and bought up my husband! I am so blessed that she has been able to accept me into the family with all the things that have gone on in my life. I know that it has not been the smoothest ride but she has stuck by me and she is always there to talk and give me lifts to different places that I need to go to. She is so special and she supports both my husband and I in being married and setting up our home together. She has been there through my husbands life, she has supported him, given him financial support, been there to talk to, been there to have a hug, cooks for him and so much more. She has been so special and I am so grateful to have her as a mother in law and to be there as we go on in our marriage.

These two people have been so special in both of our lives and we wouldn’t be the person we are today without these two people in our lives. Mums are the kind of people that you cannot do without and we cannot be with our mums. They have been there since the very beginning, they have helped us through all the situations that we have gone through, they have been there to hug us when we have been sad, they have supported us through growing up, they have encouraged us to keep on going when we want to give up, they have taken us on days out, they are so special to both of us. When I married my husband I knew that I would get on well with my mother in law but I didn’t realise how close we would get and I didn’t realise how well my husband would get on with my mum too. I am so grateful that we all have a special bond and there is no ‘mother in law from hell!’

At this time we celebrate our mums, some women have given birth to us, some women have come into our life later on in life, some women give up on us, some women encourage us, some women leave, every women is not perfect. Sadly as much as we love our mums they do make mistakes but they are there when we need them but only when they are not busy. However, God is always there, He is perfect, He will be there all the time, He will be our number one encourager, He will keep us safe, He will keep us going when we want to give up. God will be there when we are not feeling ourselves and He will help us to be better people and to love people more than we love ourselves. This weekend as it is mothers day look to your mums and appreciate all that they do for you, being a mum is a hard job!

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