Blog 323:Keep praying

keep praying

‘please send rain,’ ‘please let me have a parking space,’ ‘please make this traffic move,’ ‘please make sure the trains are running.’ We are all guilty of doing a quick, short, snappy prayer but do we actually mean it? Do you know who you are praying to? DO you realise that there is a God who does listen to you. Prayer is a ‘request for help or expression of thanks’ but do we use it for that or do we use it for our own good? We often pray whether or not we believe in God but most of the time we want it for ourselves and we want things that we want rather than thinking about other people and what they need prayer for. It is very easy for us to think about ourselves rather than to think about other people and what we can pray for for them.

It is important for everyone to pray in all their lives and to make sure that they pray with other people in their lives too. It is very easy for us to pray on our own but we get distracted, we see things that we need to do, we have people to talk to, we are tired, we get up late and we end up doing a quick prayer rather than taking our time to talk to God. We should learn to pray through every serious situation, not wanting to get a parking space, not wanting to know whether or not to have chocolate but instead to pray about our stress, our anxiety, our joys in life, in all the times and not just on our own watch. There is no time when we do not and should not pray to God but it has to be heartfelt, it has to be from the depths of our heart, it has to be from our soul and not something that we want just because we want to be selfish.

We can talk straight to God, we can call on him in our worst times, we can call on Him in our happy times, we can call to Him when we are alone, we can call on Him when we are with other people, we can call on Him when we are having a good day, we can call on Him in our joys, we can call on Him in or sorrows, we can call on Him in the day and the night, we can call on Him anytime and He will not turn away from us. Not only is it important to pray on our own but it is also important to pray with other people, to pray for other people and to prayer with our closest friends and spouse. There is something special about getting together with friends and family to pray over a passage of the Bible or to pray about things that are concerning us, we need advice, we need reassurance, we need someone to talk to. How amazing is it that we are able to pray to God and He will listen and answer us whether or not it is yes, maybe or no. Sometimes the answers to our prayer will not be what we want but God knows best and we need to trust in Him.

Not only is it good to pray with people around us but it is important to pray with our spouse, we should spend a good amount of time each day to talk and pray with our spouse, we are able to talk about things that we have not had time to talk about while asking for Gods guidance, we can bond over pray and coming to our heavenly father who will help us to carry on with our lives. When we don’t get the answer that we want we should not give up but instead we need to know that God is making us more like Him and we need to trust that He is in control of each and every part of our lives. Sometimes it will be hard to fully trust in God but with our spouse we are able to be accountable and we are able to encourage each other to pray about the things that are going on.

God hears every prayer and He will answer every prayer but we need to come to Him humbly and ready for Him to do His work in our lives. Sometimes it is going to be hard to put time aside to pray and commit our lives to God but the more you do it the more you will get into a routine. Not only should we pray about things that we want but we need to thank God, we need to express love to Him. After all God bought us into this life and He can take us away at any moment. We need to be thankful for Him and His grace.

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