Blog 322: Hopes to change?

time for change

We all think that as we start a new year it is important for us to have new year resolutions however it is important all through life to be able to change and have the chance to change because life will change and we need to be ready to change with it. We all have hopes of changing, we want to eat healthier, we want to do more exercise, we want to save money, we want to loose weight but do we really need to wait until the new to be able to make this change? A lot of things can be changed but it takes time and because we are going into a new year it seems to be like a ‘new me.’ We are now into March and I wonder whether you are still going along with your new year resolutions? It is hard and it will be hard but you have to keep on going and have the strength to want to make change. Wanting to make change and thinking about change are two different things-we need to have the mindset to do so.

We all look at other people and want them to change but how often do we look into ourselves and want to change? How often do we look into ourselves and not like what we are looking at? Our lives are full of stress and can be hard to get along with our family and friends but we need to have the mindset to want to change the way that we are thinking and talking to them. Our lives drain us of energy, we get tired, we get overwhelmed, we get stressed, we have anxiety, we get worried and it can take its toll on us and our relationships. However, we cannot use these as an excuse, we cannot use things as a reason not to change, we need to be willing to change and we need to be willing to want to change because we want to not because other people are telling us too.

It is important to have a friend that you can turn to when you get down, when things go wrong, when things pile on top of us, when we have struggles, when we have joys in our life, when we have things we need to talk about. It is important to talk to someone when you have joys and struggles in your life but it is more important to have someone in your life who you can call a friend. It will take time to trust people but you will get there and when you have a good friend then don’t let them go. They can help you but you can also help them too, be there for them to talk to, keep them close to you, make sure that they are okay, check in with them. There are loads of things in life that change but having a friend that can help all the way through can be easier and we will feel better for having someone to talk to.

However, if we concentrate on the things that we want to change then it can get us down, we can become grumpy, it can drain us of energy, it can make us mad, it can make us concentrate on the things that we want to change rather than be grateful for the things that we have changed in our lives. Life can seem heavy when there are so many things that you want to change about you and other people. It is important to talk to people about how you are feeling, it is important to be able to know that we all want to improve on and have other people to keep us accountable for it. Change is hard and most people don’t like it but we need to be willing to change and to know that not everything is in our control.

We cannot control the things that are going on in our lives, we cannot control what will happen but what we can control is our response to change and situations. Life is not going to be easy and life is not going to go the way that we want it to but you need to know that God is in control, He bought you into this life and He will help you through it, He surrounded you with people who can help you, He will provide you with a close friend that you are able to trust, He will be there for you when no one else is. However, He requests one thing and that is to trust in Him completely. It will be hard and things won’t change overnight but your life will be better for it.

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