Blog 319: Prayer for Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine | Jim Daly

Our Loving Heavenly Father,

What a mess we are in currently, what a world we live in, what leaders we have, what war is going on. Lord we pray for the people of this world who are going through wars and who are going through battles. Most of all Lord we pray for the people of Ukraine, we pray for the men who are staying back trying to protect their country, we pray for the women who have had to flee with their children, we pray for the children who are going through this and may never see their fathers again, may you be close to them. Lord we pray for the babies that are being born, we pray for the children hiding in bunkers, we pray for the school teachers still trying to teach, we pray for the old and vulnerable as they are not able to get out, we pray for the country of Ukraine at this time.

Our gracious Heavenly father may your hand be on this country at this time, may your hand be holding up those leaders, may your hand be over the families, may your hand be over the men who are fighting and by your grace protect lives. Our Lord God we pray for the country of Ukraine but we also pray for the surrounding countries that they would let in the refugees with no problem, we pray that there would be provisions in place to help these people and for them to be able to get back on their feet. We pray that countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania to accept the refugees and to lend a helping hand as well as finances to Ukraine and the the efforts that are going on there. We also pray for the rest of Europe and NATO that we would support Ukraine and its people in the best way possible and give guidance to the leaders of all those countries to know what to do, how to help and what the next step should be.

Lord I know for some of us it may be hard to think about Russia and its people at this time but I pray that those people would not be too affected by the sanctions that have been imposed by the rest of the world, we pray that Russians in other countries would not be threatened, would not be bullied and would not be picked upon because of the evil of their leader. Lord we pray for Putin, what a horrible man he is. Lord in our humble request may you either get rid of him or save him. May he realise that what he is doing is pure evil and pray you would turn his heart around or just get rid of him.

Lord, we do not know why this is going on, we do not know what is happening and we do not know what the next few weeks, months or even years will hold in regards to this war but what we do know is that you are in control, we know that you will protect and provide for your people, we know that your word will not be silenced and we know that Jesus will rule overall. We pray for your people in the country of Ukraine at the moment, we pray that they would have strength to keep on going, we pray that they would know what they need to do, we pray that they would be kept safe and we pray that they would know that you are close to them. Lord God Almighty, we know that you are mighty to save, we know that you can still anything and we pray with our humble hearts that you would stop this war in Ukraine and that it would not spread any further.

Our Lord God gives us the strength we need each day as we watch the news, give us the right words to say to those who are going through this at the moment, give us the resources so we are able to help Ukrainians, give us the heart to reach out to those people who need help and let us not stop praying and thinking about those people in Ukraine. We pray that we would not stop praying for those people. Our mighty God please show your power on this earth and stop this terrible war, protect the children, protect the families and protect those men who are fighting. We pray that you would answer this prayer and you would listen and act graciously in your son Jesus Christs name.


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